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Hack’s Axiom: Quote Me On This

Posted: 14th November 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

If you are a writer, you want to write something worth quoting, ie, “A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.” I can quote a couple dozen writers, from Shakespeare to Charles Dickens to Mark Twain to H.L Mencken to Hunter S. Thompson. But to be quoteworthy, you need to be saying something […]

I’m sure some people don’t believe me when I say wasted women will proposition a taxi driver, but it is true. It’s not some Penthouse Forum “Gee, I can’t believe this happened to me ” fantasy; it happens rather frequently. I have noticed that it happens less often for me now, and I think that […]

Way To Go, Trayvon…

Posted: 22nd August 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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Black Lives Matter? Ehhh… opinions vary…

Fear And Loathing In The Bunker

Posted: 17th August 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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I’m still in awe of the Trump campaign, and his continued rise in the polls. And I am also loving watching the establishment GOP candidates and political class squirming and flailing about, trying to counter the Trump insurgency, and trying to find some weapon to wield against him. GOP Pundit Rick Wilson called him “a […]

Quick Post For The Cops

Posted: 15th August 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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I had an incident tonight that will definitely be in the book, an event that required calling the police. As these “ladies” were being placed in their new mode of transportation, I said to the 6 or 8 officers standing around me, “You know what driving a taxi for five years has taught me? It […]


Posted: 7th August 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

I like to think that I’m someone that takes politics seriously… what our politicians do has direct and indirect effects on myself and my family, so I pay attention. So many people in this country are utterly clueless about what our so-called “representatives” are doing on our behalf, and they blissfully vote for the same […]

I Just Despise Liberals

Posted: 22nd June 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

Two posts in 24 hours has never happened here before, but I woke up today to see something that pissed me off bad enough to take my coffee into my office and fire up Photoshop… Am I the only one that remembers Sarah Palin being blamed for the Gabby Giffords shooting, for putting “targets” (actually […]

Vignette: The Tea Partier

Posted: 22nd June 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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In theatrical script writing, sketch stories, and poetry, a vignette is a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a trenchant impression about a character, an idea, or a setting, and sometimes an object. -Wikipedia I was sitting outside of a bar early on my shift a week or two ago, right […]

My Conundrum

Posted: 8th June 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

So I was talking to Ken, a long-time reader of Taxicab Depressions the other night, who asked me how the book is coming… and I said that I’m currently working on a piece entitled, “There Are No Hyenas In North America”. That might strike you as a cryptic title, and you might be asking yourself, […]

Post For Albert: Butthurt Cream On Aisle Nine

Posted: 12th May 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

So this douchenozzle stumbles upon my blog and posts a comment on The Pig Trap, only to find that the owner of this site has the audacity to moderate the comments posted on it, and then makes a second comment, where he says with great butthurt and much indignation, Awaiting moderation? That’s pathetic! What are […]