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I like to think that I’m someone that takes politics seriously… what our politicians do has direct and indirect effects on myself and my family, so I pay attention. So many people in this country are utterly clueless about what our so-called “representatives” are doing on our behalf, and they blissfully vote for the same damned criminals, year after year, without even knowing what they are up to. Hillary Clinton’s campaign stands as a towering monument to the indifference, ignorance, and apathy of the American electorate. She should be in jail, and anyone NOT named Hillary Clinton would have been booked and fingerprinted months ago. But an alarming number people will still vote for her, because they are so stupid and uninformed that they believe that Hillary is looking out for them, and it is okay if their girl breaks the law, in the furtherance of the progressive agenda.

Normally, I wouldn’t even consider Trump’s candidacy a serious thing, but yet it is… and the establishment boneheads in the Republican Party and the liberal media hacks can’t understand how this is even happening. What the fuck is this? This shouldn’t be possible, like Evel Knievel or Mr. T or Hulk Hogan or The Most Interesting Man In The World™ guy jumping into the race, and pulling away from the pack by double digits immediately… how can this be? What the fuck is going on?

You know who is responsible for Trumpzilla? The brunt of the responsibility can be placed at the feet of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Obama rammed through ZeroCare on a procedural stunt, and America howled. The Republican establishment whined, “We can’t do anything unless you give us the House.”

A historic wave election put them into power in the House, and nothing happened. They whined, “We can’t do anything without the Senate.” Another electoral gullywasher handed them the Senate, and nothing happened.

These spineless, impotent limpdicks are precisely what has made Trumpmania possible. They will not stand up to Obama on ANYTHING, be it ObamaCare, Executive immigration reform, the EPA, the IRS targeting political opponents and everyday citizens, radical Islam, and all the sundry day-to-day crimes this administration commits on a typical Tuesday. This is what an American roar sounds like, ladies and gentlemen… the people that are paying attention are really pissed off, especially the taxpayers that pick up the check for this lawless government.

The status quo will not work much longer, because the people that are pissed off know that if it does continue for too long, the result will be violence and bloodshed not seen in this country in 150 years. What can not go on, will not go on.

And that is why every time Trumpzilla stomps on another building, his polling goes up. The media has pronounced his campaign dead seven or eight times, immediately followed by a three point bump in the polls. He can’t be bought, he can’t be told to shut up, he recognizes that the country that made his fortune possible is in serious trouble, and he doesn’t give a fuck if you are offended by his “tone”…

As I am typing this, the first debate is about to begin, and part of me hopes that The Donald comes out dressed like The Humongous from The Road Warrior, rasping into a hand-held microphone and waving a scoped revolver around… sorry, but I am loving this moment in American Political History. This shouldn’t be happening, but the establishment dipshits that The Pig Trap was written about simply refuse to listen to people that put them in power, and this is the result.

But they will be forced to listen, very soon… one way, or another.

At the time I posted this, the poll at has Trump the winner at 48%, with Ted Cruz second with 13%. Jeb comes in at 2%. Haven’t I been told by the liberal media for years that Jeb is the SMART Bush?

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  1. Big Al says:

    I am the descendant of American folk that decided to go North, and found themselves in Canada. I have visited Murika quite a few times over the last 40 or so years. What strikes me from my last visit is the desperate look on the faces of the people that are the real Americans, you know, those that are actually of many generations Americans, not those that just sneaked in somehow. Viewing the USA from this vantage point is like watching a once beautiful neighbour woman slowly destroy herself on crystal meth. There will be a grand re-set someday soon, and God have mercy on those that refused to prepare some beans, bandaids and bullets for their families. My advice: buy enough gas cans and have them on stand-by to be able to drive some 4 cylinder car all the way without stops to above the old Mason-Dickson line as the whole South will be consumed in the war that is to appear.

    • MM says:

      It’s not the south that’s going to burn-there’s a far higher concentration of us down here that once the TSHTF gets into high gear, aren’t about to take any GD shit.

      We’re armed, pissed off and ready.

  2. Gal Spunes says:

    Well said.

    However, my concern is that a persuasive candidate does not emerge, and the voter status quo does not shift, and we simply slump into a lowest common denominator presidency – R or D.

    We desperately need a driven, vibrant President, with an equally vibrant congress to sweep away the stagnant garbage of the past few decades, and set the fedgov on a tighter, constrained, Constitutional path.

    But I’m really not seeing it as an even remotely possible future right now. We’re screaming headlong into the danger zone with all the red lights flashing. Not good.

  3. Drunken Sailor says:

    You have hit the nail right on the thumb!! Trump is a direct product of a feckless Republican administration. They are Obama’s lackies. The beauty of Trump is he, unlike the Republican heads and strategy mouths realize that the media will never be their friend. Trump is man enough and to state what he means and punch back when they try to shame him. He knows how to handle the media. The man may not win but if there are any smart Republican or Conservatives (usually not the same thing) politicians out there they better start taking notes.

    I may vote for Trump just to piss off every existing politician in Washington and to make as many PC , limp dicked, DC pussies heads explode as possible. It would be doing the gene pool a favor.


  4. Lanceman says:

    This is YUGE!

    But apparently, my comment was not long enough. Say something useful? Is this costin’ ya bandwidth if I say something inane like RATSO!!!?

  5. Ken says:

    Well said! I don’t think Trump is gonna be the one, but I do love what he is doing to the establishment good ole boys. I’m pretty much sold on Cruz. If The Donald does drop out, I’m hoping he will get behind Ted.

  6. Eskyman says:

    Excellent commentary! And now, from the perspective of the day after the “debate”–

    You are spot on! Trump got attacked by Fox News; Megyn Kelly & Chris Matthews were particularly obnoxious & had come up with “gotcha” questions for everyone. Not surprisingly, the most biased & personal “gotchas” were aimed at Trump, while Jebbie got much nicer treatment. Cruz was left out.

    Lost a lot of respect for Fox, particularly Megyn, who was dripping venom (hope they cleaned the floor before it melted through.) Trump was Trump! Whatever happens, I’m through with the Establishment GOP (GOPe)- I changed parties to Independent over 6 months ago; might have to switch back, unless the GOPe manages to successfully land a dagger in Trump’s back.

    You know they’ve really screwed the pooch when even CNN & the NYT say, “Good Job Fox.”

  7. Graybeard says:

    My first visit to your site, I followed this piece here from The Feral Irishman which in turn, I found from I Hate The Media(Another good site, just take out the spaces and drop a .com at the end). I also read The Pig Trap. It’s almost the mirror image of a rant I unleashed against my brother’s uber-progressive wife(They were buddy-buddy with the Bradys. Yes, those Bradys) on social media one time.


    I completely agree with you, I was thinking the same thing about Trump and was almost amazed at how little he dropped in the polls after his illegal immigrant remarks. Hopefully this is a watershed moment, real republicans and moderates/independents standing up and telling the establishment republicans that they’re sick and tired of their BS. I can just hear Howard Beale from Network telling people to open their windows and yell “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”. Hopefully, this is what happened.

    I don’t know if he can keep going like this but we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve never been his biggest fan but if he can break the death grip that establishment republicans, democrats as well as the two political dynasties have held for the past twenty plus years, I’m all for it.

    To the GOP: The people gave you back The House in 2010. You didn’t do what you said you would. They gave you back The Senate in 2012. Again, you aren’t doing what you said you would and have actually gotten worse as you cater to and cower away from the fraud in chief. This is a warning shot across your bow. Don’t F it up this time.

  8. Pamela Jenkins says:

    LOVE your writing!

    Trump is FINALLY giving the career politicians what we’ve (conservatives) been saying/thinking ever since “he who will not be named in my house” was elected. It’s about time! They certainly aren’t listening to us.

  9. Rob in Katy says:

    I like Cruz, but I think that I may vote for Ben, or Carly or The Donald just so that we have a non-politician for a change. We need to kill the political class and only vote for alternative until the R’s, if they ever do, wake up and start representing us.

  10. […] These spineless, impotent limpdicks are precisely what has made Trumpmania possible. They will not stand up to Obama on ANYTHING, be it ObamaCare, Executive immigration reform, the EPA, the IRS targeting political opponents and everyday citizens, radical Islam, and all the sundry day-to-day crimes this administration commits on a typical Tuesday. This is what an American roar sounds like, ladies and gentlemen… the people that are paying attention are really pissed off, especially the taxpayers that pick up the check for this lawless government.” —Taxicab Depressions […]

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  12. Mark Matis says:

    I would only note that the best way to get “Weepy” and “Post Turtle” to grow a set of testicles would be for Trump to get elected as President and the GOP to retain control of the House and Senate. If that happens, you can bet that the first act of the Dynamic Duo in the 114th Congress would be to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

    • RegT says:

      And in response to that impeachment, Trump could have the two of them hung from a convenient lamppost – using the kind of Executive Order made famous by the Zebra – and watch them “bleed from wherever”. I’d buy that for a dollar.

      Or, make them the guests of honor at an auto-da-fé (burn them at the stake), with signs hung around their necks saying “You’re fired!”.

    • Wraith says:

      Unfortunately, I fear you are correct, Mark.

  13. JB says:

    FWIW, I find the analysis at this site interesting:

    In a nutshell, Trump’s using weaknesses in the SJW knee-jerk crowd-think psychology against SJW’s and their supporting herd of sheep and RINOs.

  14. Wraith says:

    “Just walk away. Leave the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the whole country, and I’ll spare your lives. Just walk away. I’ll give you safe passage to a non-extradition nation. Just walk away…and there will be an end to the horror.

    I await your answer. You have 15 months to decide.”

    I would pay to see Trump do this–doesn’t seem like it would hurt his numbers any.

  15. Larry says:

    Found this page from one of the other blogs I follow, and it was sitting there waiting to be read for about a week. Wirecutter’s blog maybe. Or Woodsterman. Don’t recall…

    I have now read every page on your blog. You, sir, are a certifiable genius.

    To Trump. I don’t support Trump, but I support what he represents and relish every second of no-lube butthurt he’s bringing to the GOP.

    Channeling Ronaldus Maximus: I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me.


  16. JustMike says:

    I just now got around to reading this post and agree with much of what you have to say.

    I have wondered for a while now just why Boner is so quick to change his mind in favor of zero, and I made an observation. Maybe I am just grasping at straws here, but I have noticed that any time there is an impasse, boner is “invited” to the White House to meet with zero. Each and every time I have seen a picture or video of boner after those meetings, they guy looks like he is scared shitless.

    With the NSA crawling up our collective asses, and Big Data doing the same, is it a paranoid stretch to thing zero has something on both boner and mitch???

    I have no doubt that zero would threaten to release embarrassing stuff if he has it, and given the IRS tea party thing, I see it more as darn likely.

    Just a thought, but I could most definitely see that happening.

    As for Trump, I just don’t know. He is telling people what they want to hear, and stirring the pot of politics. What he is saying doesn’t match up to well with things he has said in the past, which is not good at all. As for stirring the pot; well, it was getting stagnant to the point of putrid. No one knows if he is seriously seeking the Presidency, or just making the waves that need to be made. Either way, he is making politics more entertaining than the standard drone vs. drone election cycle.

    I could see cruz as viable, but cain even more so. Heck, I would support any of them against clinton or sanders. Both of them are socialist verging on communists, but at least sanders is honest about it. They both think that somehow, their version of socialism is somehow better than all of the attempts at socialism around the world that have failed miserably. You just can’t get around the fact that sooner than later, you run out of other peoples money.

  17. Grog says:

    “These spineless, impotent limpdicks are precisely what has made Trumpmania possible. They will not stand up to Obama on ANYTHING,…………………..”

    And that’s part of the game the sycophants in deecee play, with the voters, with the snap card bottom feeders, with those of us that are almost past the point of severely Pissed Off. What they don’t consider is that they have less influence over the Armed Citizens than they think, their illusion is their security blanket because they haven’t been shut down yet. Which is going to be a rude awakening for them when that happens.

  18. RockySpears says:

    How does it feel now with just a few days left?
    So many of the comments wanted trump, but thought he would never last, well, here we go,

    Trump 2016

    RS, From across the Pond

    • Taxi Hack says:

      I voted today… very busy. I looked at people around me, trying to discern who they might be voting for, and while it’s hard to get in someone else’s head, I would bet it was Trump, 60/40 or 65/35… just a guess, just a feeling…