What’s On The Ballot

Posted: 8th October 2016 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized


I’ve been busy, but I have been following what’s happening around me… just off the top of my head…

* 20 trillion dollars in debt

* 120 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities

*Insurance companies withdrawing coverage or doubling premiums for millions as Obamacare collapses

*North Korea developing and testing land-based and submarine ballistic missiles

*Iran fast-tracked to nuclear weapons

*Billions of dollars and pallets of shrink-wrapped cash shipped to Iran

*Pakistan threatening India with nukes

*Venezuela collapsing under socialism

*Iranian gunboats and Russian fighter jets harassing US Navy vessels in the Persian Gulf

*Russia installing missile batteries in Syria and Eastern Europe

*China building airstrips in the South China Sea

*Police officers targeted for murder across the country

*Black Lives Matter terrorists rioting, burning, and looting every time some criminal Trayvon gets killed

*ISIS running wild in 30 countries

*Islamic terrorists striking with impunity in Europe and the USA nearly every week

*Real unemployment hovering at 10%

*Black unemployment over 15%

*Foreign actors hacking the DNC and major US corporations

*Syrian refugees and illegal immigrants streaming across the border

*Academia and the radical left suppressing free speech and distorting gender norms

*The US military scavenging parts and trying to operate under stifling PC and unrealistic ROE’s, even issuing a new manual with protocols for dealing with transgendered soldiers

*Sick and aging patriots dying in waiting lines while VA administrators get six-figure bonuses

*The IRS, the EPA, and the DOJ weaponized for the political left, and now the FBI is politicized and corrupt

*A Presidential candidate using an illegal email server to avoid Congressional oversight and record-keeping laws, a server without the most rudimentary of security systems, that most certainly exposed vital national security information to our enemies

*A Presidential candidate guilty of obstruction of justice by deleting 33,000 emails under subpoena

*Top members of that Presidential candidate’s staff given immunity for those deletions

*That Presidential candidate proven to have lied to the American people more than a dozen times, not to mention the FBI

*A Presidential candidate that used a private foundation to sell influence and to enrich herself

*A Presidential candidate that ignored cries for help from Americans in Libya on 9/11, then lied about it

*A Presidential candidate that at this moment is being exposed by John Podesta’s own emails to have a dangerous agenda, shrouded in secrecy and a blatant admission that she lies to the public about her true intentions

And all I hear in the news for the last two weeks is fat chicks and Bill Clinton’s dick, and tonight, Trump said “pussy”. At this very moment, it is 12:30 on the east coast, on the night of the “crisis”, and FOX is treating this incident and Trump’s apology statement like a high speed car chase in Los Angeles, preempting regular programming and interrupting live-remotes for hurricane Matthew.

All this while Wikileaks dumps John Podesta’s emails, currently being dissected, and early returns show a very ugly and corrupt picture. Hillary tells Wall Street bankers and other swells and elites that she has both a public position and a private position, she colludes with favored media outlets for the narrative she desires, and she wants a hemisphere-wide zone with free trade, free immigration, and no borders.

Let me repeat, Trump was not my guy… I wanted Cruz, or perhaps Rubio… say what you want, but my first choice will always be someone with a working understanding of the Constitution, and that ain’t Trump. But Hillary must not be allowed to ascend to the Presidency. She is already on the record being in favor of curtailing 1st and 2nd Amendment rights via executive order, and someone with her record of corruption and vindictiveness must never hold the Presidency. She will pack the Supreme Court with lackeys that will attack the 1st and 2nd Amendment, creating violence this country has never seen. Hillary Clinton will trigger the Second Civil War, if not World War III.

That may sound like hyperbole, but it’s not. Close to half of the country believes she belongs in shackles. Should she take the White House, that section of America will not recognize her legitimacy, and as soon as she attempts some gun control measure by executive order, they will resist.

Let me throw some math out here… there is a “III%” movement in America, reflecting the estimated 3% of American colonists that actually picked up arms in the American Revolution, and they are kinda hardliners on this “Constitutional” shit… so, last I heard, there were 330 million Americans, so 3% of 330,000,000 is 9,900,000.

Nearly ten million people, armed to the teeth, that will not comply. By means of comparison, the entire Chinese Army, Navy, Air Force, and Reserve forces numbers just over three million personnel.

Personally, I think the number will be closer to 10%, close to 33 million, but hey, what do I know? I’m just a dumbass taxi driver… I got no military experience, all I know is that we have been training thousands and thousands of men to be very, very dangerous for decades now… from Da Nang to Mosul to Khandahar, most of them don’t like current events and are armed to the teeth, and know where to find a reload and a hot meal tomorrow.

I do not want to live to see the Second Civil War, but I believe it is on the ballot next month. Vote accordingly.

I don’t want Trump, but he is the only thing standing athwart civil war, at least for a while…

The Pig Trap

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  1. Big Al says:

    Awesome article, well researched and written!
    So many people want to destroy the USA and call it “progress”.
    What makes America great is it’s people and faith in the God of the founders of USA.
    When your faith says love and do good to others it shows.

  2. BigAlSouth says:

    You may be a “dumbass taxicab driver” but by god, you are OUR dumbass taxicab driver. Keep posting the truth.

    • Ed says:

      I’m a dumbass (retired) chimney sweep. I believe you are spot on.

      • Jason says:

        I am a dumbass engineer. As a man with a little education and one who studies history and stays abreast of current events I can say without doubt: You are spot on.

        Keep up the good work you do!

  3. Gassius Maximus says:

    Glad to hear from you! Hope you and yours are well.

    Quite a daunting summary. And those are just some of the highlights.

  4. JugEarsButtHurt / KOOLAID2 says:

    …come visit at Hot Gas buddy…miss you!

  5. Jack Crabb says:

    Welcome back brother! I second the motion to head over to HotGas.

  6. Andrew Benghazi says:

    “my first choice will always be someone with a working understanding of the Constitution”

    Important, but more important is a candidate who loves America, we’ve had a hater for 8 years.

  7. brinster says:

    Great post, as usual hack. Missed your writings.
    First thought about Trump’s P**** statement was that he’ll be abandoned by the establishment repubs, and the media was going to pounce on it and make it a huge issue. Personally, I thought it was stupid. Damn son, if there’s a mic in the vicinity, keep your damn mouth shut or talk about the weather.
    What about an ex-president using a cigar for illicit purposes? What about a presidential BJ? What about all the sexual harassment accusations, up to and including rape? There was a new video posted of him slipping his hand between a stewardess’s legs. Who’s worse, Trump or Clinton?
    But he got impeached, you say? He wasn’t impeached for sex in the WH. He was impeached for lying.

    You’re right hack. A couple of million armed citizens descending on DC will be inevitable if that lying, corrupt, criminal woman is elected.

  8. skybill says:

    Really, “Scaffolding?????” Again,Really, there are all those nice Cherry Trees!!! need I say more??

  9. Mudbug says:

    TD, you been reading my mail. I’ve long argued it’s going to take 3 to 5 million PO’d taxpayers surrounding these hallowed D.C. enclaves, before they finally hear us.

  10. Gal Spunes says:

    I’m done.

    I am so revolted by the fecal smorgasbord being offered to us, that I just cannot – in all good conscience – participate in this farcical election.

    We get the government we deserve.

    Embrace the suck.

    I’m fucking done.

    Like Canute, I cannot defeat the tide of idiocy. The marxist/statist infiltrators have succeeded in ensuring we have generations of statist sheeple.

    America has been defeated.

    I bow out. And resign myself to simply ending it all in a blaze of gunfire.

    See you on the other side.

  11. Constructive anger is good!

  12. Janet Spangler says:

    So glad you’re back!

  13. Starvinlarry says:

    Things may end up with armed and pissed off citizens marching on D.C.

    These quotes apply to our current situation…

    “Given other historical precedent, there’s nothing wrong with our current government leaders that wouldn’t be solved far more rapidly, by simply chopping 342 of them open with tomahawks and hurling them into the Potomac river-since Boston Harbor is kinda far to toss the bodies”-unknown

    Just change the year to 2016 on this one…

    “Watch and see if that doesn’t become the template for presidential campaign coverage in 2012. See if those reality-show zoom-ins don’t start to creep into interviews with candidates. This is the beginning of our big Lost in Space journey together, where news and reality-show programming fuse completely and we all end up complete morons, voting strippers and X-games athletes into the White House. I’m psyched. Are you?”-Matt Taibbi

  14. Malgus says:

    “With the fire raining down,
    And hell all around,
    There were few men left standing that day…”
    – 8th of November

    Greater love hath no Man, than to lay down his life for his brother… – John 15:13

    God help us.

  15. flighterdoc says:

    No need for scaffolds…there are more than 535 lamp posts on Pennsylvania Avenue, alone….

  16. Todd says:

    Lamp Post. Rope. Politician. Some assembly required.

  17. Rebecca says:

    I have followed you for years. I think “The Pig Trap” is your best work and is as true today as is was when first posted. Keep up the good work. There are thousands .perhaps millions who think the same way.