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Flashback: The Skankopottomus

Posted: 18th November 2011 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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I got a call to a bar on a hot, humid, and muggy summer nite, and there are two girls sitting in the parking lot. This is always a bad sign; any time I pick up someone that is sitting on the asphalt, they are invariably really wasted. They get up and start weaving toward […]

Flashback: Old School

Posted: 12th October 2011 by taxihack in Uncategorized

Might as well start with a classic…   I swear, if I live to be 120, I’ll never forget this… It was about 10 PM on a rainy night, and I got a call to pick up a guy at a rather posh condominium out on the beach. This old guy comes tottering out of the […]