Regarding “The Pig Trap”

Posted: 19th April 2014 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

As I have said more than once, the main point of this blog is just simple therapy for me… I just need a creative way to blow off steam, and beating my wife, taking up recreational heroin, or soaking these drunken douchebags down with bear mace and leaving them gasping and writhing in the gutter where they belong don’t seem like great options. Nobody reads this blog except a handful of my regular passengers, a few cool, smart people from out-of-town that I direct to it, and people at that I sometimes direct to a post over here, if it is funny or has some bearing on current events. I don’t do this for money; you will note a distinct absence of banners and Google ads on my site. On a good day, I get 30 or 50 uniques a day… I think my record was 375 or 400 the day after I posted Stop Being Black.

That is, until I posted The Pig Trap.

I wouldn’t say this is “going viral”, but we do have a serious case of the sniffles here, and nobody is more surprised than me. Tens of thousands of people have read this post. I look at my stats, and I can’t believe what I see… no less than ten thousand people read that post Thursday. Hundreds of hits are coming in from Australia, of all places. Dozens of websites have linked to this post, people have copied and pasted the whole fucking thing into their blogs, people are pasting the link into discussion forums, Twitter and Facebook are blowing up and sending hundreds of hits per day, and I can’t believe some of the websites I am getting traffic from…

I am seriously humbled by what I am seeing… thank you all. I don’t do this because I want to be the next Thomas Payne… I do it because I just want to vent a little, and I like writing. And I want to reiterate that I am not an advocate for violence, it’s just that I look at what is going on today, and I don’t see the alternative. I don’t think of myself as a particularly brave man, and I get nauseous if I think about this shit for too long. I don’t want to see what I know is coming. I wish that someone smarter than me would stand up and say, “This is how we fix this!”

But I just don’t see that guy…

Apparently, I have struck a nerve… and I probably just got added to a list.

But as I once heard David Codrea say, “If you have ever filled out a 4473, you are already on a list.”

Thank you again.

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  1. Don says:

    I enjoy your posts. Also from Florida. Enjoyed the conversation you had with Mr. Wheeler.

  2. Cilla Mitchell says:

    You struck a nerve by writing the truth without spin, without censorship and with a writing skill that is not pompous or pretentious. I have sent your link to a web site I belong to which deals with the horrors of our medical community, so much in fact, we now call it the medical cartel. Your link is going to be included when we write our piece for next week because what you have written, is exactly why the medical community can kill and maim their patients without justice and accountability. When the piece comes out, I will be happy to forward it for your perusal. Thank you for writing such a thought provoking article.

  3. JW says:

    I just arrived from American Digest’s link to “Pig Trap”. I am reminded of the movie Red Dawn – “Wolverines Unite!”

  4. libertatis says:

    Taxi Hack–you’re welcome, but thank YOU for grinding away on your blog, perfecting your writing. Gary North reckons it takes 10,000 hours of concerted effort to achieve mastery of almost any subject–that’s just five years of 8-hour days.

    The Pig Trap post is an example of that process.

    As far as What’s the solution?–the same as it’s always been. It’s staring us right in the face. It’s so obvious people can’t believe it; Thomas Jefferson wrote it down so we wouldn’t forget it:

    Life, Liberty, and Property–bastardized to “pursuit of happiness”.

    Individual rights. The non-aggression principle–never initiate fraud, coercion, or violence.

    Those principles taken to their logical conclusion destroy the entire idea of coercive government, a privileged class with a monopoly on violence.

    The Powers That Be despise these ideas; they are antithetical to the neo-feudalist dystopia they’re building.

  5. Rocky7 says:

    Well done. Yes, you hit a nerve. I expect we’re going to see more and more of that in the days ahead.

  6. Terry says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was directed to your blog ‘Pig Trap’ yesterday by a commenter at another blog I visit. I was absolutely blown away that another person sees the situation exactly as my wife and I do. I was an eye witness to a UN operation in a S.E. Asian nation that proved to me that that sham organization was a total criminal enterprise. Now the same people are in total control of MY country (Agenda 21, etc.). Our government is nothing but a re-do of Stalinist Russia without the mass murder—-yet.

  7. As for being on a list, if you could get a copy it would be the start of a great party.
    Seriously when I read your post I was blown away, it’s all so true.

    I’ve been wondering why there has been no serious resistance to the radical changes to our country by the Regime. Either in Congress, or the fifty states. Here and there some people or small groups resist or refuse, the Tea Party is the best example until it seems the IRS got sic’ed on them. Is the independent spirit of our countrymen being drained or is the lid on the kettle and the pressure is building. Time will tell.

    One thing, Obama or whatever his name is, isn’t that important. He may never have been. He’s certainly not shown any great intelligence or fortitude while in office and as I read in a Czech commentary, it’s the electorate that would put someone like him in office that’s the problem because if they can do it once, twice they can do it again. And I don’t know how much more punishment America has the resiliency to take without falling apart.

    I went back to the post I put up the day before the 2012 election and after almost two years I realized two things ; First it was much worse then than I could have known, and Second that Obama and rest the of the election was managed perfectly, better than any American election ever before. He peaked on that day, got his vote close enough for the Democratic machine to put him over the top, plus some. And BHO has been dropping ever since. A perfect thing.

    And they can do it again, one thing that the “First Black President” has proven is that the candidate does not matter.

    Thanks again.

  8. DriverRob says:

    No, we HAVE to thank-you for putting into words, all in one place, what we have been thinking and pondering on, some for weeks, some for the past decade or even two. There is a feeling of growing unease because there is no trend to maintaining liberty and prosperity, no reward for hard work and sacrifice. We know the trends can’t go on. We know our Dear currently elected Leader said during his campaign, to Joe the Plumber, that he was going to spread the wealth around. In other words, he told Joe straight up that he was going to take his personal success and the fruits of his labor away from him and give it to others who had less. This is the recipe for economic disaster and a revolution, a mostly peaceful revolution hopefully, but we know this kind of change is not going to happen without some major pain. Yes, do continue, please. Though you kind of shot the moon in this one piece, there is much more within it to elaborate upon. We watchers look for signals of which way the enemy approaches, once in our past we learned by seeing one or two lights that were raised in a church’s tower, but now we look for the words of those, like you, watching with a clear mind and eyes that are wide awake, for the words telling us which way the enemy approaches…..

    • johnnyreb says:

      Unfortunately, the revolution has already happened. What is needed is a successful counter-revolution. And yes, most of us definitely hope for a peaceful one.
      The communists/marxists have been at it for a long time. The reason they seem so open now and ‘in-your-face’ is because they’ve never been this close before, and so many are waking up and pushing back they fear they are running out of time.
      Bath-house Barry has proven to be a weak sister, not nearly as intelligent as advertised, and his #’s are tanking, and Shrillary has health issues, Bengazi issues, and lots of baggage.
      Putin has been handing him his ass, everyone knows that Valerie and Michelle keep his balls in a box, and the world quit adoring him about 2 years ago. People are openly defying gov’t dictats, and publicly threatening armed revolt.
      They’ve effectively muzzled the press, but the internet is kicking their brains out.
      In short, they are becoming desperate, and commie murderers are very dangerous when they’re desperate.
      They know if the fores of Liberty can turn this around, they may not get another chance like this for generations.

  9. WAC says:


    Hows it feel to be famous? Maybe you can help wake up the masses?

    Great job.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Taxi, I admit that I am one who pirated your entire blog on “The Pig Trap” and re-posted it (with references). What makes the story resound is that the same theme is being retold all across this country by thinking Americans. By those who know their history and by those who love freedom. It is very apparent that the story is being given from someone with a military background and not by some nitwit action writer wannabe.

    The fact is that I have been hearing the same drumbeat from every corner of the country. The desire to restore our former freedoms is a sound emanating from every corner of this nation. It’s no wonder the rest of the world wants to live here. Our problems arise when the politicians fall to the temptation of the money which flows freely in our Capitol. The ability to enrich themselves at the expense of their constituents is just too tempting.

    Your story resounds to the public. There are not thousands or even tens of thousands who feel as you do but they also believe the story written here. It is written in the faces and discussions of millions. Unless we can rid ourselves of these criminals in DC the truth of the story will become reality. I wish it were not so but it is inevitable. I wish you wwell. Please keep up with the postings of real people and real concerns of people you meet. Thank you for your service.

    • Yupper, y’all said it as well as any, and I certainly agree with what you’ve written.

      I often direct those who want a primer on politics vs government to get a copy of the BBC series “Yes, Minister” and its sequel “Yes, Prime Minister”. Its outstanding as a political primer.

      As to the solution, I think that its the section The Heartland Plan, located in The Albany Plan Re-Visited.

  11. Justin Kays says:

    Be careful what you write, however. The Pig Trap had one glaring flaw in it.. the government didn’t buy 1.6 billion rounds. Yeah, maybe I’m nitpicking, but then again? Keep all your i’s dotted, and t’s crossed. They issued contracts for let, which means they might buy “up to” that amount. Further, even if they *DID* buy that… they’re buying for 5 years for 135,000 shooters. Do the math and that comes out to a bit less than 2400 rounds per shooter per year. I expend more than that at the range, training personally, on an annual basis. Hollow point rounds? whoop de do. THey train with hollow points since in those quantities, the training rounds aren’t cheaper to buy than what they carry on duty. What I wanna know is… why the fuck are there 135,000 trigger pullers in DHS? Coast guard? sure. Secret service? sure. All the others? Time for some gun confiscation – from government entities.

    Another not-as-glaring flaw was the militarization of law enforcement. When a police department hears, “Oh yeah, you can have this MRAP for the cost of transporting it to your location” they don’t consider what it is, they only hear “free shit.” They have no recognition of what it’ll cost to RUN that thing, and even if they did, there’s so many things that aren’t being spoken of, ways to rather simply and easily disable them that it’s simply not a concern for the secret squirrels who’re running around with III% tattooed on the inside of their eyelids.

    All of this said… yes, you are hitting a nerve, and one that NEEDS to be struck. With sufficient noise, maybe we’ll make the iphone finger-fucking folks realize that there’s something going on around them. With enough attention focused on how that “free” stuff just isn’t free, and isn’t quite the great deal they figured it was originally, we’ll get the moochers and grabbers to realize that working for what you have means you get along a whole lot better with folks who’re already doing it.

    And in the interim, don’t just whine about not being able to survive what’s to come… start preparing now. There are plenty who can teach you how – whether they call themselves Preppers, Militiamen, or even if they’re just some guy next door who happens to know a few things about how to make life easier now as well as when the S hits the proverbial F..

    As my granddad used to say… the best time to plant an oak tree? 20 years ago. The next best time? NOW.

    So what are you waitin’ for, taxi driver? 🙂

    • R Daneel says:

      Justin –

      Some questions for you to ponder.

      Why does the BLM need a SWAT team?

      Why does Dallas PD need an MRAP? Who is going to set IEDs on North Texas roads?

      Why does the NOAA need a SWAT team? Won’t the US Marshall Service do?

      Ad nauseum…….

    • Yah, and the NRA Rifleman had an article on those rounds and who had them.
      Preparation means organization, discussion of public sector organizational theory may be found in “The Albany Plan Re-Visited” and on the blog,

  12. Rancher Dan says:

    I received your blog about the pig trap from a friend of mine. You nailed it. You put into words what every sane American thinks, at least all of the ones that I know. I don’t see a good ending to the movie that we are all starring in, but In my life when times seem the worst, they usually turn out the best and when they seem the best, they are not. We are far removed in our professions with Myself a cattle and goat rancher and you a taxi driver, but we are twin sons with different mothers in our views of the idiots running this show. After reading the pig trap, I started reading your other posts and my jaws hurt from laughing. I really needed that. Your writings are therapy for me too. As I said earlier, you are a real talent and I want to thank you for sharing it with all of us.

  13. brinster says:

    God, where to begin? The Pig Trap is a work of art, and should be read by the masses; especially those who believe the benevolence of government is infinite. I don’t know who said it, but there’s a quote that says “something that can’t go on forever, won’t.”
    We’re very near that point. When the country collapses, which it surely eventually will, it’s going to get VERY ugly.
    What is really unnerving, and puzzling, is why this government is stifling energy production.
    The coal industry (I live in part of the coalfields) is in the process of being slowly killed off. What’s going to happen to all the miners who are going to be out of work? And all the support industries involved in coal mining? We’re already seeing the consequences of this in Southwest Virginia. The local K-Mart is closing, as well as Papa John’s. Besides people losing their jobs, this diminishes the local municipality’s tax base, and it most likely won’t get a retailer to take K-Mart’s place. It’s a microcosm of what’s going on through the whole country.
    In the meantime, the national debt is up to 17 TRILLION! buckaroos. And the president of these United States (in name only) brags about cutting the deficit to 500 plus billion. Debt ceiling? There is no effing debt ceiling; not when you can raise it on a damn whim.
    Besides that, we’ve become balkanized. Everybody has a grievance. We hear crap about “microagression,” “white privilege,” etc. I know what my white privilege is: Get up at 4:30 am to get ready for work…same job for 29 years, hope to have enough disposable income to enjoy a modicum of recreation, and hope to live until retirement.
    I feel privileged alright.
    After seeing the “99 percenter” demonstrators, I decided it was time to purchase a firearm. This bunch cared so much about the “common man,” that they harassed school kids, defecated on cop cars, and generally made a mess of where they stayed.
    I was 62 years old before I purchased a firearm, mainly because I never saw the need for one. I do now. I’m 64 and own three and have a concealed carry permit, not because I want to start offing people, but for PROTECTION; for me, my family, and anyone else who is being threatened with bodily harm. Even then, it’s an instrument of last resort, and in a lot of cases, one wouldn’t have to pull the trigger. Proffering is enough to discourage most bad guys.
    My friend, If I’m ever in your neck of the woods, I hope I’m lucky enough to have you pick me up. Count on a 20 buck minimum tip.
    Thanks, and keep the great blog going.

  14. jeff says:

    Taxi Hack, the important thing, as I see it, is not whether you’re on a list, but that you’re on a side.

    In the Pig Trap post, you lamented the loss of your American birthright, and rightfully so. But, your true birthright (nay, ours) is that, given a measure of God’s Blessings, we’ll be witnessing and driving the 2nd American Revolution.

    Satisfy yourself and the truth with your work. Enjoy your well-earned recognition, and keep writing. Happy Easter.


  15. James says:

    Im sure like many others “Pig Trap” might be what first brought us here but trust me I stayed to read it all. I have to say its pretty damn brilliant and insightful. I truly appreciate people who can see the forest through the trees or what I like to call Common Sense. Now I know you’ve mentioned more then a few times this is just therapy for you and you aren’t getting paid but I would consider adding one of those little tip jar things I see on alot of other websites. I personally would be more then happy to add a tip if it would mean some good reading a little more often. “Hop into the back seat as I take you for a spin around the mind of a taxi cab driver and if you enjoy the ride feel free to pitch in for the gas” or something like that.

  16. Revnant Dream says:

    Loved your piece. Straight forward, clear , well written.
    North America needs more folks like you to stay free.
    Now that you have told to many truths expect pay back. Heck even Obama couldent stop himself on unleashing lawyers & the ever faithful IRS after Joe the Plumber. This is how punitive its become. A President has to ruin a plumber because he questioned his mightiness?

  17. baldilocks says:

    In your essay, The Pig Trap, you say everything I’ve been attempting to say for the past six years. Thank you.

  18. Leauxryda says:

    Taxi Hack…..

    Found your piece via a commenter on WRSA. I was instantly intrigued and read it twice while sharing it via FB and amongst family and friends via text.

    My intent was to wake up the still sleeping sheep and if I at least wake up one more, then it was well worth it.

    You’re not the only one out there doing the part to wake up America…..but you sure put it out with grace and articulation. You sir, have been permanently bookmarked so I can catch up with other writings of yours…..

    In the meantime……“You Dairy Queen muthafuckahs ain’t shit, bitchezzz!”


  19. bogie says:

    Someone needs to say stuff like this – because the people who are trying to win the race while wearing blinders will never look to see what is going on…

    Oh, and try driving expedited freight sometime – it sucks worse.

  20. RT says:

    Found your blog via “The Pig Trap” and enjoyed it so much I have been going through your other entries. Thank you very much for sharing.

  21. Navycopjoe says:

    Wow! Found your site due to a commenter link at AoS Hq
    As a cab driver in Waikiki man I feel your pain
    Keep the stories coming cause people don’t realize that there are actually honest and articulate hacks out there

  22. Christine Ferrebee says:

    Dude you are officially a rock star and I couldn’t be happier!

  23. Gal Spunes says:

    You’re getting some well-earned and long overdue attaboys for your work 🙂

    Now you’ve got to decide what you’re going to do to keep the fire burning…

  24. chrismuir says:

    You’re obviously meant to write.Please continue with more!

    • Friday Anon says:

      Taximan… let me endorse Chrismuir’s comment by saying that I too was truly inspired by your sentiments, so originally expressed. Most of us who stumbled in here were linked from one of several conservative blogs who tend to attract and feed on each other, but you sir, are a breath of fresh air to say the least. Your candid commentary is something different, but it’s been a week since you spoke out.

      It’s clear from your remarks that you are understandably overwhelmed by the new ‘hits’ and maybe reluctant to ruin it — Please do carry on! Candid sentiments are refreshing and welcome. You’re not writing for a Pulitzer, just us starved paleo-cons. So, what did you think of the headlines when you ate your Cheerios this morning? Really. Cheers,

      Capt. Arminius
      aboard MV Cacafuego

  25. vorkosigan says:

    Add me to the chorus. found your blog due to Pig Trap an have spent a few hours reading all your archives… many good laughs and much wisdom there, such as “Stop Being Black” and the many, many reasons one should not accept sexual offers from drunken crazy women, no matter how young and “hawt”. will be checking daily, here on in. Drive on, and keep telling the truth.

  26. MrG says:

    Hey TH;

    I had linked to your “Pig Trap” I had seen the posting from WRSA. I cut and pasted it in its entirety and linked back to your blog. It was very well written. You are correct, in writing your blog, I also write in my blog, I find it therapeutic to put my thoughts on the blog. Keep on blogging.

  27. Matt says:

    Taxi Hack,
    I see you’re in Florida. Would you consider being interviewed for a newspaper article? We publish newspapers in Florida. Pig Trap is what thousands and thousands (hopefully millions) of Americans are thinking . . . and fearing. It needs even more exposure.

  28. zeberdee says:

    I really enjoyed The Pig Trap. Fyi I’m in Australia and I came to you via a comment either on Orlov or Greer. Not sure but one of them.

    Keep writing – you’re good at it!

  29. Mike G. says:

    You deserve all the hits and attention you’ve received for the “Pig Trap” post. Great writing.

  30. Radical Rodent says:

    As so many others have said – great writing!

    I live in the UK and came here via Bishop Hill or Jo Nova; you deserve yet more hits and accolades.

  31. Yank lll says:

    I was happy to see the truth in words for a change, its been a long time.. it does appear that your post has struck a nerve belonging to the real American mindset rather than the pseudo one the quislings would have us believe in.
    Great post and Thanks
    Yank III

  32. DeepWheat says:

    Manhattan KS here… **AWESOMELY** awesome post… longer than most, but as I’ve commented back on FB, richly deserving of the 2 or 3 adult beverages consumed whilst reading, even the Commentariat has Good Stuff…

    From your comments above, we shall assume that all further links on all my other FB threads will *not* be contrary to your wishes.

    “Our freedom is not for sale, and we reserve the right to defend it from theft.”
    ~ Doctor Zero, from his post “Who We Are” in The Greenroom at HotAir, Aug 2009

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  34. deimos says:

    I liked the part about how to end the problem in DC in quick order.

  35. Greebo says:

    The reason you’re getting hits from places like Oz, which is where I am, is that you are saying things that so many of us think. We’ve got rid of the3 worst government ever in this country but it makes no difference. We’ve all ben disarmed while the cops carry Glocks or S&W’s, we’re importing terrorists ‘cos they’re “asylum seekers”, yeah, right.
    Keep up the god work. I drove cabs here in Melbourne for twelve years, but there is no power on earth that would get me to do it again. The drugs these days turn people into killers. Fuck that.

  36. Greebo says:

    BTW, I came here through a link on Jo Nova’s blog.

  37. FreeMan says:

    You’re not alone.

    The Pig Trap has been sprung. Just waiting on the guys with guns now.

    No better analogy of the surveillance state has ever been penned in my opinion.
    I’ve seen it coming, I’ve helped build parts of it, but I’ve never been able to link it to deliberate action before this posting. I kept thinking it was just technical advancement on steroids, the next new thing, look at what my phone can do now…

    I always thought it could be used for evil, just not this fast.

    Thank you for your insight. My perception has been altered to include this new view. Oink oink

  38. Jason says:

    As you say; if you have filled out a 4473 you are already on a list.

    The way things are in this country we should all be a little ashamed of ourselves if we are NOT on at least one list. Fuck these tyrants.

  39. I absolutely love your blog and find many of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for. Do you offer guest writers to write content available for you? I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write in relation to here. Again, awesome web site!