My Date With An Uber Driver

Posted: 17th February 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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I don’t remember how I found this… maybe I clicked a link in a comment on an article about Uber, and I found this YouTube video. Watch it all, and then read the post immediately after this one, “Batshit Crazy”.

Still think I am making this shit up?

Then think about this: these people can vote, without so much as three question quiz about the electoral process they are participating in…


Updated 21 February:

Part Two.

Wow… just wow…

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  1. Rancher Dan says:

    Not only can they vote, but they can also procreate. Thats much scarier to me. No wonder this country is in the state that its in.

  2. Gal Spunes says:

    Was that a dude?

  3. River says:

    Aagh… I want new ears.

  4. Hmm says:

    Funny how I was thinking all along- and i could only hack watching a bit. Guy’s voice?
    Ah well- recorder quality or whatever…
    BUT- the whole time I’m thinking- flakey, flakey, geez- then she said it~ yesss- only in CA!

    As to topics–No, I KNOW- believe you- crazy is everywhere. Add intoxicant~ ugh- I can only commiserate! I could never be a bartender.
    Flip side is- Neutrality is majority, and good people everywhere- always thankful for that! 😉
    Regardless, I enjoy the tales you do relate.

  5. Satchmo says:

    Yes, Gigi on the left is transgendered. You can see that by going to her youtube videos where she has videos about it. Didn’t take the time to check out the girl on the right.

  6. RegT says:

    You can see “Gigi’s” Adam’s apple, for cryin’ out loud. ‘Nuff said.
    The girl on the right suffers from Botoxed lips, but I’m otherwise sure she is female. Decorticate, certainly, but female.

  7. Charley says:

    I took a bullet for you on this, my friend. I understand where you’re coming from when it comes to Uber VS a professional like yourself, but my GOD! twelve minutes of a gawd-awful, hundred-mile-an-hour valley girl rant to get the point across? I could say in thirty seconds what this bitch took all that time to say, with the added benefit of slow and easy to understand conversation.

    One of the biggest annoyances for me are the fast-talking legal disclaimers at the end of radio ads, and the mention of their 1- 800 number more than twice. You, being a man that makes a living out of driving, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now to voluntarily listen to an immature ditzy little blonde without a clue is a harsh task. Like I said, I took one for ya on that.

    BTW, You are an excellent writer and I’m really enjoying your sense of humor.

  8. Meerkat Brzezinski says:

    Really? Watch it all? Are you trying to kill me?

  9. PatriotGal2257 says:

    Oh, my … that’s 12 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. I half expected that Frederick/Mohammad’s girlfriend was Gigi’s roommate, but I guess that would have been too predictable.

    My ears need bleach after that voice.

  10. James says:

    I don’t understand your argument…are you saying that there is greater chance of an uber driving and/or uber customers being batshit crazy…simply because they both use this app?? Also how does this solidify your argument in anyway against uber??? The only way to stop this from happening is to go through government protocols so that customers are always aware of the identity of the driver? And then because of this, there would be no problems with “creepy guys” because their job/identity is at risk?

    For one, plenty of people who jump into a cab are intoxicated, and a stranger is driving them to their location. They may not remember the cab drivers name if something were to happen, and more importantly people, mainly women, are at risk of sexual molestation/rape.

    I’ve heard cab drivers tell me stories of girls who were “so blacked out” that they would do crazy sexual things for him in order to avoid paying. “They probably didn’t even remember the next morning HAHA”. This has happened on more than one occasion for me with drivers in Tallahassee and Chicago.

    Also, I’ve had numerous cab rides where I can CLEARLY witness that the driver is intoxicated. One time a man asked if I was interested in “buying a bar”, another time a cab driver allowed me to “hit his blunt with him”, and another time a cab driver had vodka in his water bottled and offered me some. Call me crazy, call me a little too friendly, but these stories are true and the drivers weren’t worried due to me and my friends being drunk as skunks.

    I respect a huge majority of cab drivers that I have met throughout the years abroad and across states. They are generally nice people putting in “man-hours” during late hours to put food on the table. That being said, they aren’t all decent people, just like all lawyers or doctors can be shitty people.

    My point is a lousy government check-up is unnecessary. If you abide by “uber’s terms and conditions”, then you are putting your life in the hands of a driver you don’t know, just as you would if you rode a cab. FACT: working for uber enables the driver to make more money. They also have to go through procedures that Uber decides in order to be able to drive.

    Your biggest complaint about uber is that it is taking the money out of hardworking American cab drivers. In reality you can make much more money in a more convenient and self-sufficient way via uber. I know this because i’ve talked to many cab drivers in Chicago who have switched over to Uber, and they couldn’t be more thrilled about the new flexibility and financial gains that they now have.

    My point is, I really don’t think Uber is as bad as you think it is….I understand there are state and city policies regarding the app/public cabs, but give a chance man lol.

  11. I’ve never heard of your blog until today, but will be checking it pretty often until I’ve read it all. (H/T to for the link to here, by the way.)

    Okay, introduction is over, except I do thank you for what I’ve read here today.

    These are two of the most mind-numbed and mind-numbingly “persons” I’ve tried to hear out in a very long time. Giving myself credit for a modicum of patience, I’ll say I got through maybe 40 seconds on the first video, and no more than 8 on the second.

    The stupid, it burns.