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Posted: 2nd March 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

If you have read my post The Pig Trap, you know of my absolute bewilderment at the current state of our country. Our government is utterly lawless, just making shit up as they go along, creating regulations and executive edicts to bypass the Congress and the Constitution, committing crimes in the furtherance of those goals, and nobody ever gets in trouble, unless he’s screwing someone he shouldn’t be, and nobody ever loses their job or goes before a judge, and most importantly, nobody seems to give a fuck. Everything is just fucking dandy, as long as we can binge-watch Girls and Entourage on HBO GO and Katy Perry’s next single doesn’t suck and that hot chick from Club Plush texts me next week…

I wake up every day around two or three in the afternoon, make a cup of coffee and turn on the news, just waiting for the day when it finally happens, the day that something finally snaps, and I am listening to Sheppard Smith breathlessly trying to describe shaky video of a mob of 500,000 or 800,000 pissed off taxpayers that has invaded Washington and are lining every street in D.C., armed to the teeth, and erecting scaffolding on the National Mall.

Actually, that’s not how I think it is going to go, but I promise you… what can not go on, will NOT go on.

A couple days ago, a five member panel of unelected bureaucrats called the FCC voted 3 to 2 to seize control of the internet for the Federal government, without so much as a “by your leave” to the Congress. It’s not like your Congressman or Senator did this, these were three UNELECTED political appointees, all DEMOCRATS, which I think is worthy of mention, and they just decided that they have the power to regulate what you say and what you view on the internet, without asking you what YOU think about that. They came up with a big fat Rule Book For The Internet that they would not show to the public before the vote, and now that they have deemed they have the authority to do this and voted to institute their new Rule Book For The Internet, they STILL won’t show the public their new Rule Book For The Internet.

How is that not a Joe Biden-sized Big Fucking Deal for you? THREE PEOPLE you never heard of and certainly never voted for just took over control of the internet for the government, and they are not showing the public what the new rules will be. Does that mean websites will have to get a government “license”, like radio stations? And will they have a list of bad things they can’t say, or they will be fined and maybe even LOSE their license? Nobody knows, because they will not show the public the rules they are creating.

What if you call some dude in your Twitter feed a faggot, and you get a $25 ticket, deducted from your debit card or your ApplePay or your Paypal or your Netflix account? Will you need a “user’s permit”, or a government assigned ID that tracks your every website and keystroke, because terrorism, or something…? Can they suspend your access if you are deemed to be an insensitive homophobe or racist, or even BAN you from the internet? Nobody knows, because they will not show the public the rules they are creating.

I swear, I have asked dozens of people about this in my car over the last few nights, and the most cogent reply I have heard was something like, “Whatever… as long as my NetFlix is streamin’ good, and I can play Call of Duty without any lag, I’m chill…”

Obama has granted amnesty to some five million illegal immigrants via executive order. There’s just one problem with that; HE CAN’T DO THAT. He has said so himself, in public, on camera, more than twenty times. But he just did it, in a naked and blatant display of unconstitutional criminality, and resistance to this act seems almost nonexistent in Washington.

Just a few days ago, it was learned that the Treasury Department gave three billion dollars to several large insurance companies to keep them afloat, because no thinking person wants to sign up for this horseshit called ObamaCare, and the insurance companies will go bankrupt giving away “free” healthcare without total taxpayer compliance. There’s just one problem; THEY CAN’T DO THAT. Only Congress can authorize the spending of taxpayer money, and when Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan, kind of a stickler when it comes to money, asked the Treasury about it, they basically told him to fuck off.

Sweet Jesus… can you imagine the uproar if George Bush illegally ordered the Treasury to give three billion taxpayer dollars to Exxon and Haliburton, and told the Congress to piss off? The Internet would be melting down and the Democrat Congress would be drafting impeachment documents before the sun went down. Dan Rather might have suffered a stroke on-camera.

That’s a lot of money, by the way… I know it is hard to get your head around, but let me whip out my handy yardstick… there are 86,400 seconds in a day. Most people can grasp that; converted to dollars, that’s a modest house, a really nice car, or a boat guaranteed to get you laid.

Three billion seconds ago was 1920. So try to imagine the giant warehouse required to stack up $86,400 in one hundred dollar bills every day since 1920. That’s a lot of fucking Benjamins. I’d be interested to know how many dump trucks it takes to haul that to the bank.

Let me repeat: This was not on the television news and in damned few newspapers. How is this not the sort of thing that puts angry people in the street, and Congress demanding (figurative) heads on platters?

If you went into work tomorrow and diverted $3,000 of company money to someone without authorization, you would be arrested and charged with theft and embezzlement. But the government just stole THREE BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS and gave it to huge corporations, and it doesn’t even make the news. Don’t liberals hate big corporations and the One Percenters like Mitt Romney that run them? Does the phrase “corporate welfare” ring any bells here?

Where is the outrage, liberals? Where is the outrage, media? Where is the outrage, Congress? Why is no one in handcuffs? How is this not a Constitutional crisis that blows runaway llamas and dumbass “I can’t breathe” protests off the internet? Am I the only one that noticed this? Why isn’t Paul Ryan himself calling a news conference on this matter?

I was reading about this story at HotAir.com, when a commenter that goes by the name BoxHead1 made a post that resonated with me… I don’t know this person and given it’s erratic formatting, I assume he or she was typing into their phone. I was going to clean up the formatting and typos, but I think I will leave it as is.

Back in 1980 we gave Lee Iacocca of Chrysler a 1.5 bililion dollar loan to keep him in business. We took 6billion of his in collateral.

This was very controversial. It passed easily but there were 160+house and 43 senate that voted against it. It was very very controversial. And remember they put up 6billion collateral and it was JUST A LOAN.

Fast forward to 2015 and some unnamed people transferred 3billion to some companies and it’s not controversial. No one even votes or notes it(except on the wingnut sites).

Think about this; People always talk about progress from generation to generation. Young people and lots of old people just assume things get more civilized and “smart”. New is better.

But contrast the way the populace reacted to a 1.5 billion dollar loan in 1980 to the empty headed no knownothingism of today. The people in 1980 must have been more awake, constructive, smart, literate, analytical, thrifty, independent… than the people of today. How else can you explain the change?
The drugs or the schools or the position of the earth… something has changed.

BoxHead1 on February 26, 2015 at 11:17 PM

You are correct, BoxHead, something HAS changed. I see it every night in my car, people that are utterly clueless and completely oblivious to this shit, and can’t bring themselves to give a fuck, even when you bring things like this to their attention. I am old enough to remember the Chrysler loan debate, one of the first political stories that caught my attention at that young age. I remember thinking in the middle eighties that Lee Iacocca could make a credible run at the White House with a slogan like, “Keep America Turning A Profit. ” And the Chrysler loan wasn’t some “Too Big To Fail” BAILOUT, it was a loan, with 400% collateralization, and it was paid in full.

In 1979, a 1.5 billion dollar LOAN was a Joe Biden-sized Big Fucking Deal, but today, a 3 billion dollar THEFT by the government doesn’t get 30 seconds on the nightly news.

Just a few days ago, the government announced plans to ban one of the most common bullets used in the AR15 rifle. Since they could not find popular support to ban the most common rifle in America, even after Sandy Hook, the government has decided to illegally ban the ammunition that goes in them. There’s just one problem; THEY CAN’T DO THAT.

Oddly enough, even as a stalwart supporter of the Second Amendment, I’m not really bothered by that. Would you like to know why I am not particularly worried about that? It’s because I think that the people that will fix this shit already have plenty of that ammo squirreled away, and have been “rolling their own” for a looooong time now, and that very soon, there will be plenty of it lying around on the ground anyway, easily picked up…

I’m not really following the early chatter about the 2016 election… I’ll start paying attention around June of 2015, if we get there. Personally, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if for the first time in history, elections were held EARLY, due to exigent circumstances…

What can not go on, will NOT go on.

* Post edited to correct a couple of typos… this is the second rate shit you get when I try to work fast. – The Hack

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  1. Irish says:

    Thanks for keeping the light shining on whats going on out there. Great post.
    Linked at my blog.

    Stay safe!

  2. Aaron says:

    Well done. The gutless worms in both chambers need to be called out.
    I will buy your book.

  3. People think Police States look like Soviet grey buildings with government thugs in Nazi leather trenchcoats kicking in doors at midnight, or Banana Republic death squads rolling around the countryside in pickup trucks.

    They do not. Just like telephones, marridges, and Sci-Fi movies, Modern Police States are far more sophisticated and complex than in the past. The excel at being “normal”.

    China is the future of America, a vast underclass of slave labor ruled over by an elite Oligharcy of immense wealth using Marxism enforced by corporations.

    This has been the slow-motion plan for 100 years. It’s incremental enough the only people who notice it are oldsters like you and I; too old, tired, and vested to do anything about it.

    • Paul says:

      In fact we do have jack booted thugs kicking in doors at midnight here in this country. They call it the no-knock warrant, but it’s the same thing.

  4. kittyhawk says:

    Another brilliant, insightful and accurate essay on the insanity that is the US today.
    Thank you for your ability to put into words the bewilderment that I experience everyday.I have shared this with most people I know, including my 23 and 21 year old kids. I used to read news everyday so that I would know what “THEY” are doing to us, but it has gotten to the point that I am so overwhelmed that I have turned off the news and stopped visiting websites and blogs. I am now just trying to protect my own and what I currently have – because I believe it’s never going to get any better. In fact, I think this country, this idea, this freedom we have known is OVER. Essentially, I’m checking out. Self reliance and self sufficiency is the name of the game -oh and a good amount of lead.

  5. tic...tic...BOOM says:

    I have sent this to selected people on my email list with a warning that if they do not acknowledge that they have read this post, I will never send them any more emails.

    • Mi Naem says:

      “… if they do not acknowledge that they have read this post, I will never send them any more emails.”

      Oops, careful tic tic boom, that could easily backfire on you! 😉

  6. Mi Naem says:

    A few years back, for WAY less than the Obama administration’s lawless games (or for that matter Bush the younger’s, …), the Washington Post got it’s panties in a twist and toppled the Nixon administration with a Democratic House.

    Political cowards and traitors control elected, appointed, and Civil “Service” positions, and Permanent Revolution traitors dominate the Fourth Estate.

    So, when DO we start shooting back?

    OR, one great hack would be take over the major broadcast and cable network signals, and congruently broadcast there the facts of (and consequences for) what is really going on. The clandestine, mobile hack could operate sporadically so as to avoid detection. There’s some fun! Sort of a Fight Club thing. Wish I had the technical skill and network of reliable connections to make such a thing happen.

  7. Rozy says:

    Just FYI – The FCC panel voted along party lines, three Dems, two Repubs. One of the R’s was interviewed sometime before the vote and was warning listeners about what was going on.

    Other than that, good post. So what are we the people to do? I write to my congressmen and ask questions, but nothing changes. Are they too close and can’t see what is happening? Are they knowingly complicit? Are they threatened by the Chicagoan’s goons? It is a sad and scary situation.

  8. RICHARD says:

    Words. Talk and more talk. No field was taken by words. Letters and other forms of communication with Congresscritters availith not. Even local pols slam the door on the citizenry. About that 1/2 million march on Congress…I’m in. I’ve been in for several years. But like probably many my excuse is to give my life in vain as a lone voice. Sure, there are plenty of factions who do carry forward but for all their grumblings they seem to stop short of actually going beyond words. There is encouragement but it is to encourage others as if to provide initiative. But always to others to rush the hill.

    And for all my words I may as well be the worst of the chicken shits. I will for I must but unless others join we are finished. How to coalesce into the necessary mass is my long unanswered question. To just show up and hope others do likewise is too unorganized. Or is it?

    The history of our country provides the guide. Yes, ordinary citizens did just show up. But that was against an identable foe whereas today the enemy is many headed. This seems to necessitate an all out effort which will carry through unto the very end. I am for that and am willing. Speaking of ‘too old’, as long as one can still draw a breath they are qualified. American revolution history has many such examples of 80-90 yr old men standing opposed.

  9. RegT says:

    Thanks for these two posts. They have laid out both the current situation and the possible futures in a very forceful and cogent manner. I will show my appreciation in your tip jar. Take care.

  10. […] It seems that someone just embezzled three billion dollars from the US treasury. Well, actually, it was some insurance companies, and the Treasury just cut them checks. And it wasn’t authorized by congress. And the treasury told congress to go piss up a rope when they said “you can’t do that!” That story and other bureaucratic contempt for the law here. […]

  11. […] Taxicab Depressions, Taxi Hack offers a few thoughts on current […]

  12. Macguyver says:

    Spot on. So glad I found your blog, refreshingly accurate. I sharing with everyone. You need to be famous.

  13. […] Reading this article from a Taxi Cab Driver bitching about the decline of America got me to thinking:  TaxiCab Depressions – Thoughts on Current Events […]

  14. Thomas Jefferson says:

    100% nailed it on the head. I believe what you have written here represents what millions and millions of people are thinking and believe. Thank you. Great writing. Start putting this stuff together and get a publisher!

  15. StarvinLarry says:

    Excellent description of the fustercluck that is our government.
    The younger people just don’t have a clue-I don’t know how some of them found their way out of the birth canal,or who ties their shoelaces for them.
    As long as .gov inc. takes care of them-they could care less what the police state does,they are oblivious to SWAT teams kicking in doors at 4am to “serve warrants” for non-violent offenses.
    The only way a half million or more people will march on D.C. is if the free shit army has their EBT cards shut off.

    Posted a link to this on my blog. Another great job-this one will get you tons of views like the Pig Trap did-and it deserves to be spread far and wide-at least to the half of the country who aren’t getting SNAP,TANF,SSI

  16. TnDoc says:

    Very well said….feels good to know I’m not alone in my understanding of the illegal crap being perpetuated on America….waiting and watching for what we can do to hasten the end of these traitors.

  17. pelletfarmer says:

    Excellent SITREP. From one hack to another, I’ll sum it up for you—“The persuasion stage is over.” Whether that’s good news or bad news, doesn’t really matter. Rational folk like to pretend the persuasion stage is never over, but that’s just projection. When was the last time anyone tried to persuade a hornet?

  18. Aguila1952 says:

    Good stuff. Nice to finally find a blog that resembles many of my own thoughts and words about the current situation.

    Yes, the whole situation is disgusting. What I find particularly distressing is that in a country filled to the brim with worthless lawyers, the town owned by lawyers and those who claim to be “Constitutional” lawyers, present white house occupant excluded for obvious reasons, no one can find a way to stop the insanity going on? The degree of lawlessness, anti-American activities, blatant racism, communist infiltration of the country’s infrastructure will have effects for generations as the country is spinning every faster around the drain spiraling to destruction. Well, I don’t know about you but my loyalty is to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, not a person, the President, or even the US of A.

    God given rights are non-negotiable and cannot be granted or taken away by any man, no matter how great they may be in their own minds. Empires come and empires go but to really destroy the idea of the America that was, the commies will need to destroy history, burn books, rewrite/revise everything according to their version of the truth, if no one stops them. Other than that, they can cry all they want about America not being exceptional but the truth is that the human spirit was unleashed for a brief shining moment in history to achieve magical things. American was the most exceptional thing in history, bar none. That it didn’t last is testament to the misery that is human nature with its seven major sins. Those who think they are great because of their accumulated wealth miss the mark. At the end of the day, they will die with the license plate that says “He who dies with the most toys wins!” but I will die with the knowledge that I lived a productive life, an honest life, found Christ and always tried to improve myself.

    I did not sit by waiting for the government to give me anything. Today, too many want only to be given a fair life. What a pipe dream! And they want this from the government? That is a sad joke if I ever heard one. No one can give you satisfaction with life, you have to earn it.

  19. BradyBunch says:

    Keep it Up! Keep going, keep writing, talking, screaming, yelling. If one person wakes up from the word of one other, we’ll get it done.

  20. ambiguousfrog says:

    Sometimes when there’s a cancer diagnosis there’s such thing as watch and wait before the chemo or first line of defense is administered. We’re not there yet. It’s watch and wait. As the cancer spreads and continues to swallow the host or all that is healthy, then you hit it with all you got. It will increase your chance for survival if not a cure. Once the genie comes out of this bottle, it’s not going back in. God Bless.

  21. Frank stinton says:

    All I have to say is that I’m glad im not the only one that’s is fed up to the point of marching on DC while armed.
    Problem is how can one organize anything like that without being arrested and put in a camp some where out in thecArizona desert and left to die withou your family ever knowing what happened to you. Remember the NSA, drones and the such. BTW for those doubters out there I’m here here to tell, drones have been watching us for over five years. I know this is true because that’s when I found one in my backyard. Very expensive unit. Not a child’s toy and I live in a very rural area. So here is the question of the day. What are YOU going to do about IT. DONT DEPEND ON OTHERS. Hopefully sincronicity is stills within our instinct. If not I don’t know.

  22. sigraybeard says:

    Excellent piece. Linked back from my place.

  23. Mike says:

    Have you noticed the way things seem to be coming at us from all sides now? The pace is increasing, and the signal/noise ratio is leaning too much in one direction. It’s getting harder to be heard over the cacophony. I am unsurprised that this event was lost in the mix (if that’s appropriate). Who knows? Who cares? Who benefits? It doesn’t really matter now, does it? The damage is done; we only await the response from the homeowner.

  24. Gary D. says:

    Yeah, okay, so my wife blithers on about some gawd-awful problem she’s been having and wants to talk at me about it. Okay, fine, so I listen. And listen. ‘Cause if I don’t listen, she’ll smack me upside the head. Once she’s finished, I sometimes, to my regret, suggest a solution. Uh-oh.

    So, yeah, like, here’s my solution, Taxicab. Who’s going to arrest the sheriff?


  25. Nicola Timmerman says:

    Even more clueless in Canada. When I talk to young people they are not interested in politics but they still think Obama is the man. When I bring up how he screwed us on Keystone XL if they even know what I’m talking about they bring up climate change while we go through one of the coldest Februarys I can ever remember.

  26. Shawn McRae says:

    Great post, and a great question: where is the outrage? Certainly many citizens are clueless; self-indulgent; oblivious. Others see the graft, the corruption, and can sense trouble brewing but are just too chicken or lazy or complicit (on the dole – from food stamps to gov’t contracts/subsidies to billion dollar transfers – it’s just a matter of scale). Group three, the aware, the prepared, understand that things have now gone too far. It appears too late to pay down the debt with honest money, clean up the corruption and reverse course; the outrage is there, but popular support is not. Open protest is now futile and will only draw negative attention – and so these good citizens wait quietly for the troubles to come. Three different possible reasons that the silence, the absence of dissent, is deafening.

  27. MM says:

    Posted at Dianny Rants after a post pretty much the same as this one.
    Yeah great rant but yeah, so fucking what are YOU going to do?

    Are you planning on submitting any medical information on your 2014 1040? Do you know of Ann Barnhardt?

    You correctly point out that all that matters to them is our substance. So what are YOU going to do about it?

    I see rants like this, and yours was well written, several times a day. Soo-per. Call your Rep and bitch, Great. I called mine here in Texas, a Republican, and the staff member patiently listened and told me he would convey my thoughts to the Congressman. Kewl.

    Face the facts D, NOTHING will change and I mean not a damn thing will change until we take to the streets and blood is flowing. The bureaucracy is so entrenched that thinking that we can root this out by electing conservatives is ludicrous.

    I can dispute not a word of your well crafted essay(yours too cab driver, in fact your Pig Trap essay is one for the ages)-I voted last Nov to stop this tyrant. I choked down Romney after choking down McCain after choking down W, after choking down… The very first test of my Rep was the leadership vote in the House, I called, I wrote repeatedly and you know what I got from a Republican in Texas? SQUAT. Form letters and humma-humma from his staff.

    Conservatives have no representation. I have never failed to comply with the essence of what they want from me, those days are over.

  28. Ofay Cat says:

    No one is going to do anything. We are now soft chicken shits who aren’t going to do anything to interfere with our TV watching, porn-wanking, game-playing, motorcycle riding, hamburger eating, pirate downloading and generally being fat, lazy, apathetic and rather stupid.

    This isn’t the America of 100 years ago. Present day Americans are not the same species as those who fought the great wars and went through the great depression under the democratic party of the thirties ….

    Fuck all is going to happen but get worse … because there are not enough Americans left with the balls or the brains to know what happening and to do something about it.

    If I was wrong, Obama would not have already gotten this far with his criminal behavior.

  29. Frankenstein Government says:

    Dude you fucking nailed this. I even linked this on FB. So many dip shits, so little time.

  30. Neil S says:

    “I’d be interested to know how many dump trucks it takes to haul that to the bank.”

    Two ought to do it. In hundred dollar bills, a million is quite compact. A typical woman’s purse could probably hold it. And a billion could fit in a typical homes bathroom.

  31. angrymike says:

    I’ve read a few of your posts, and I think you’re spot on, I’ll post this on my site so maybe others will catch on !
    Expect to see me a lot !!!!!!!! 😉

  32. Jack Crabb says:


    I post the same stuff you do on Facebook all the time. I get yawns from 90%. One or two friends chime in with an “I agree” and 2 more call me names and tell me I’m over-the-top and crazy. Every Conservative is “bats#it crazy” to them. Then they throw ridiculous strawman arguments out or make comments that are so far from being true it makes me wonder why I even have them as friends. The say I am in some echo chamber and all they do is spew talking points from Rachel Maddow or link to Mother Jones to show me how wrong I am.

    Now, I f I post a picture of one of my farm animals or a photo of me when I was 20 and in the Navy, I get a thousand likes and all sorts of great comments about it.

    It’s sad.

    The fact is, as you said, most people are just too damned stupid to give a crap about anything in life that doesn’t touch them in some physical way.They don’t have the brains to understand that their country and lives are being stolen from them. They are the proverbial sheep we hear about. They will only care when the end is near and even then, they’ll never blame their lack of action in any way. It will always be someone else’s fault. It’s called cognitive dissonance and it’s real.

    When the SHTF, you can bet that I will be ready to do what is necessary. And there are a lot of us out there.

    See you on the other side.

  33. SlickWilly says:

    The Modified Golden Rule Policy

    Got a bee in my bonnet, and though you might enjoy a little rant… This is not serious, and I did not come NEAR to going after everyone I could have (the GOP should be very afraid). I am SOOOO tired of other countries (and the domestic liars) holding the USA to standards they themselves have no intention of meeting. This is a proposed principle for our laws and dealings with others, shortened to MGRP.


    I would like to propose a new policy in our dealings around the world: Let us call it the ‘Modified Golden Rule Policy.’ Under MGRP, the USA will treat others exactly as we are treated. Simple and direct. This policy has the bonus that if the ‘bad actor’ gets caught and convicted, they KNOW that they will get the same as they gave out.

    For example, terrorists who are shooting at our troops will be shot at, regardless of where they are hiding, be it a Mosque, Church, Holy Ground, Indian Burial site, or civilian home. If you shoot out the window, we will flatten the building. Hiding your rockets in the local UN school? The UN better find another place to meet. (Wonder how much cooperation ‘innocent’ civilians would be willing to give at that point, knowing that there will be consequences?) Collateral damage? Under MGRP, we will take the same caution as our opponents to prevent any: in this case, none. War is h3ll, get used to it.

    Mexico: we put troops, tanks, fences and land mines on the border (like they do their own southern border) and shoot to kill, as they do. We violate their territorial integrity at will in pursuit of criminals (or anyone we feel like, as they do today when guarding drug shipments into the USA), and reduce their foreign aid by $10,000 for every citizen of theirs we catch within our borders (wonder how long it would take for Mexico to guard their own northern border as well?)

    Read the rest HERE.

  34. Drew F says:

    Good article. I always like to see the post which also reflect the way I feel at times. The way the US gov runs this country is an embarrassment. The one thing they are good at is loosing billions of dollars that go unaccounted for, that they never have to answer for.

    Drew, Austin Tx

  35. deimos says:

    I have a friend who was a lobbyist in D.C. for years. He would come home every few months for a week or two. Several years ago he came home and stayed. After a couple of months I asked if he was going back and he got this far off look in his eyes and said, “They need a hanging, everyone of those bastards.”
    I remember Christmas 1989, my brothers were together for the first time in years, we were playing cards with the snow falling, our mom had a turkey in the oven and the tv on in the background. Suddenly breaking news, the Ceausescu’s were captured in Romania, put on trial and executed in a couple of hours. I sat there watching history being made and thought “that will probably be here someday”. Only now it will be recorded in beautiful Hi-Def.