As I try to slap this book together, I am finding the most challenging aspect so far is trying to envision some sort of over-arching vision, a way to organize this stuff in a way that doesn’t get tedious for the reader. The blog format I have here works pretty good for what I have been doing the last few years, just telling a short story or posting up some jarring political rant, but a book with random stories just jumbled together seems “clunky” to me… just doesn’t seem to have any “flow”. But I was told by someone whose opinion I respect (but don’t necessarily always agree with) told me that the most important thing is to get it all written down, and worry about organization later. So far, I have been doing just that, and I write something on it every day, even if it just a couple of paragraphs.

It is slow going…in hindsight, I probably should have tried to get halfway finished before I called myself out. I was steering toward an end product that was part memoir, part how-to manual, and sprinkled with political stuff. More than one person has told me I should leave out the political stuff, rather than chance offending the delicate sensibilities of a liberal reader who happens to pick it up, but if you have read my blog, you can probably guess how I feel about that.

My first thought was, “Stop being a pussy. The greatest political experiment in human history is on the verge of collapsing, so you need to start paying attention, you need to think, and you need to grow a pair, if you give the tiniest little fairy fuck about your future and the future of your children. And if you ever use the word “microaggressions” in my presence, I will punch you in the snout. Things are that fucking serious.”

WordPress stats aren’t the best, but between those and my hosting stats, I would estimate The Pig Trap has been read at least 100,000 times here, and pasted in toto on a few other sites, so who knows? Stop Being Black and Let’s Advance The Discussion also have impressive tallies… well, impressive to me, anyway. A Few Thoughts On Current Events was posted six days ago and is getting several thousand reads a day. I’m sure that there are people reading this that also have their own blogs and would panic if their pageviews dropped that low, but I’m still a little amazed that this many people have read the disgusting stories and political ramblings of a cranky taxi driver AT ALL, let alone click the “Like” button or email my link to a friend. My read of my stats is that most people come for the politics, and they stay for the afterparty with the drunks and whores.

And, I kinda think it is part of the brand, at this point. I think my occupation doesn’t validate my worldview, it aggravates it… but it’s just who I am now.

So, let me ask you guys… what do you like about this dirty little alley of the internet? What would you like to see? What are your favorite posts? What would you like to see more of? How can I write the book for YOU?

People in my car sometimes say, “Tell me your best taxi story…” and I can’t. I think that putting political posts aside, my favorite story is one that has very few comments and an unimpressive number of pageviews. It’s You Dairy Queen Muthafuckahs Ain’t Shit, Bitchezzz!. I just can’t seem to tell that story in my car, but I laugh out loud every time I read it back, more than two years later. I drove away from Kyle’s place laughing for ten solid minutes, scribbling notes on a legal pad at stop lights… and I still have occasional nightmares about The Skankopottomus… and I wil never forget Amber or Miss Bolivia.

So click the link to the left for this post or the comments bubble above, and give me your opinions, your guidance, your input, your suggestions, rants and raves, cheers and jeers… any and all input is welcome and will be carefully considered. Even if you find this post long after it was posted, your opinion might be the one that causes a re-write. How do I write this in a way that would make you drop a few bucks for a copy?

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  1. Tyler says:

    I like your work because it reflects on the totality of human experience combined with the occasional flashes of common sense that a politician in the US has not experienced in the last several hundred years. We have all worked with individuals that are exceptional in some way that make you wonder “what the hell are you doing here”? Your writing reflects some of that political and social insight which makes the gems well worth digging for. Frankly the digging is not tough work considering entertainment value of the stories from beyond the pale of the 9-5 existence.
    Maury Povich and Marcus Aurelius combined keep us both entertained in the short term and coming back for more philosophy in the future. I don’t know if I would worry too much about the structure, your subconscious or whatever yardstick you are using for the blog seems to be working very well.

  2. Gal Spunes says:

    Without a doubt, “The Pig Trap” is the most interesting and provocative piece you have written to-date.

    However, your taxi cab stories are a natural vignette…something you are concerned would seem “clunky”.

    There are certain authors out there that do the ‘vignette’ style book – a stream of stories that chart some kind of journey. Provided that the stream is lively and engaging, it can be a form that works. Don’t be too hasty to dismiss it…good editing can work wonders.

    However, you also have another thread woven through your stories – insight into the flaws, failings and triumphs of humans. Perhaps you could stitch together a vignette with this particular thread – interspersed with your political/social commentary…which gives the reader insight into you. You’re the single common factor throughout all this, and you’re an interesting actor in this bizarre play 😉

  3. Rob says:

    OK, my suggestions for your book.

    1. It has to be, first of all, humourous/funny (but you have the stories and so forth to do that). I know you have a political view (that I like) but you can get across your ideas on that within your stories. So no chapters solely on politics or idiots/idiocy.

    2. Yes, a good selling book can be put forward in unrelated chapters in no particular order but some of your best stories need to be first (to start off with a bang). There does not have to be a “plot” or story line with your book.

    3. So who does this type of writing? Think Dave Barry down there in Miami who published a compendium of his columns and then took more of his stories, short and long, and made them into additional books that were also best sellers. Another similar, but much older example of an author who wrote similarly is Erma Bombeck “The Grass Always Grows Greener Over the Septic Tank” whose short stories about the ordinary but crazy issues that come up in every day life became best sellers.

    3. A more contemporary author would be William Kuntzler (not sure of the spelling of his name right now) who writes his own blog and many books commenting on sociall trends and pitfalls, as you do, and gets away with it because his stories are often so damn funny but also have a serious point to them.

    4. Yes with the curse words if you want. Some stories require it, and some are quotes of other people in your cab and so forth, but DON’T GO OVERBOARD with them to prove your toughness, seriousness.

    5. Organization as I said can be random, but, depending on how many books you have in mind, you could if you want, organize your stories into Sections such as “Sex or attempts thereof, in my taxi”, “Cheapskates “, How to and how not to hail a cab, Crazy stories I Get, Drunks, Competition(among cabbies, among companies, Uber,)

    This is just my rambling, but your work has caused me many laughing fits (that’s a GOOD thing), and so I consider your writing priceless. We all need more laughs in the increasingly totalitarian system that is rising to control us.

    I believe that people will buy a humorous book from you but will not buy a book from you that is mostly serious and ‘political’ (There are too many of those) plus most people (the market for your book) are idiots (and/or clueless) and also self-centered (but each has a least one good quality or lessons we can learn from engaging them. Your book can do be primarily humor but still illustrate your (social and political) point of view- without throwing it in the reader’s face.


    • Rob says:

      Sorry–James Howard Kunstler is the contemporary author/writer I meant to cite for you. (William K. is the ‘crazy’ lawyer who took too much dope back in the day.)

  4. Sperrier says:

    I vote for your book to be complete stories like your blog, that can be read individually in any order. I don’t see that there has to be an explicit unifying theme that ties it all together. You are narrating the human comedy but it’s not necessarily stream-of-consciousness. A couple of good/bad examples: Finnegan’s Wake and On The Road. Although ‘classic’, neither is readable or great literature IMHO. Your writing style highlights the peculiarities of each person you meet and reflects your take in a very funny way. You are also very good at the clever turn of the phrase [Yorkie on meth]. Here is a book I like that is this style: “Kill As Few Patients As Possible” by Oscar London MD. ISBN 978-1-58008-917-3. It may be out of print and if so, please let me know and I’ll loan you my copy. Persevere and Godspeed.

  5. Aguila1952 says:

    Hack, just a thought but have you asked yourself “Why do I want to write a book?” “Do I really NEED to write a book?”

    I think you have the finest mechanism for your avocation and personal health and mental sanity. Unless you fear the recent FCC internet vote and the rules to come, why divert your attentions into a “book?”

    Maybe you have investigated the financial benefits of doing a book and there are advantages that are difficult to ignore but my say is to simply keep doing what you are doing on a wide range of topics all encapsulated with your personal touch and elegance and wit.

    Put your focus on the “Tip Jar” and promoting your site vigorously. I think you have the stuff that will become a popular link because what you are writing about has many facets and the problems you address will not be solved any time soon so there is plenty of stuff to cover that no one else bothers with.

    I think what you have that most people do not is your perspective via your work and the people you meet. What you think and say, and what they say and think are what is valuable to the reader. It gives a glimpse into the real America that is simply not available via the current MSM. And a book, for all it’s advantages is not a living, up-to-date thing like your blog.

    So my advice is, don’t lose your focus. You are being successful doing what you are doing. Keep on doing it, just let more people know about it and get help getting known. I’m sure you know people in the marketing side of your original business who can help.

    Carry on!

  6. Aewl says:

    What are you trying to say? In other words, what is the point of the book, other than to make you fabulously rich?

    From reading your blog, one song comes to mind: People are Crazy by Billy Carrington.

    Something written in that vein would do it for me.

  7. Gary says:

    Don’t leave out the political stuff. What you have to say strikes a chord with me. Say what you have to say and don’t worry about it. If you try pleasing everyone, you will end up pleasing no one. I come here everyday looking for a new post to read because I enjoy all of your writing. I can’t offer any advice about how to put a book together, but when the day comes for you to hang up the keys to the taxi once and for all, I will miss the crazy stories about your fares, but I will still look forward to reading your thoughts on the state of our society.

  8. CogentRamblings says:

    Hack, first off, you’re doing a tremendous job and so far you HAVE DONE a tremendous job. I say it like that because I just found out about this blog less than a week ago. During that short time, I’ve burned through half a year or more worth of your posts, not to mention, I started my own blog as well. I credit you for the inspiration of the latter, though it’s something I shoulda done a long time ago. If I had to speak for everyone on here that appreciates your work as much as I do, I’d say they are drawn back to you your work mostly by your writing style. It’s a direct, “matter of fact” framing that doesn’t just imply what you believe is truth, it demands the reader believe as well, regardless of ideology or background. Plus, it’s chock-a-block full of limitless wit everyone can appreciate.

    I say keep the political stuff. It’s some of the best I’ve ever seen. I also think the too-good-to-be-true stories are the bread and butter of “The Book” and should be presented like there’s an endless supply of them. Except, every book has an ending, but this way you leave the readers waiting for “#2”, etc. I’m no publisher, but that’s what I would like to see. You’ve sold me already so I’m sure I’ll be buying regardless! Keep it up!

  9. Matt says:

    Hack, please, do not write a book – tell a story, and tell it from your heart. That is what you do, my friend, and that is how you do it so well. I think that the person whose opinion you respect and who advised you to “get it all written down, and worry about organization later” gave good advice, but that this advice is incomplete. You want to have some idea of where you are going, in the same way as you know the story you want to tell when composing a blog piece, even if where you end up isn’t quite where you thought you were going to go. You have surely experienced how storytelling is a dynamic process – the story keeps changing as you keep retelling it to yourself while trying to assemble the words by which your transfer that little slice of experience from your gray matter to someone else’s. But, if you didn’t have a story to begin with, you wouldn’t have anything to say.

    You, sir, have something to say – just figure out what story you want to tell and maybe who you are trying to tell it to. You are much more than a writer, you are a story teller. That is how you are able to convey a series of events with such effectual passion, to place the reader in your mind’s eye to virtually walk your talk, and to deliver a conclusive punchline that wraps it all up and makes your readers want go to their friends/family and say, “Hey, you gotta check this out!” as I and so many others have done.

    As to your specific questions, the “this dirty little alley” angle is honestly not my very favorite aspect of your work. Your production of it is compelling enough, but I am brought closer than I wish to be to folks that I’m grateful are actually at a marginally comforting distance. You encounter some truly despicable people, sometimes only temporarily so as they go out to relieve their pent up Mr./Miss Hyde. Your characters engender in me the kind of feelings that would be somewhere between those instilled by the dangerous psychopaths of Criminal Minds and the less dangerous psychopaths of Desperate Housewives, though I’ve never had the patience to watch a whole segment of the latter. However, these characters seem to represent a critical part of the answers to such pertinent questions as “How is that not a Joe Biden-sized Big Fucking Deal for you?”, “How is this not the sort of thing that puts angry people in the street, and Congress demanding (figurative) heads on platters?”, “Where is the outrage…?”. These characters are the contemporary, real life color for black and white sketches of H. G. Wells’ Eloi.

    “What (I) would like to see” is a coherent assembly of your experiences that bring me to where you want to go. I recently read a good example of that over the course of 18 chapters beginning at wherein Catherine Austin Fitts weaves seemingly disparate, unconnected little stories from her personal experience and research into a decently integrated illumination of the outrageous profanity of our current system of oligarchical misgovernment. She ties it all together with specific personal examples of solutions, and some reasonable proposals for future action. That may not be where you want to take it, but you may want to pencil in some decisions as you begin.

    My “favorite posts” is easy – the political stuff, of course. I got here from “The Pig Trap”. Though my politics are difficult to pigeonhole, I fit the label Paleocon more than most any other. Ron Paul voter in the primary (wrote him in on the General Election), Pat Buchanan voter, I write in “None Of The Above” in most other elections in recognition of the fact that, in the end, the “D” bastard is usually as much a waste of my vote as the “R”, “L”, or “I”. So, I’m not exactly mainstream. But if people like you who are waking up can figure out a way to appeal to those who still sleepwalk, then we will face less zombies when a critical mass decides that enough is enough.

    What would I like to see more of? Well, you can’t write a Pig Trap every week, can you? (Or, can you?! Mmm, probably not.) So, I guess you’ll have to stay with your gut. As you continue to write from there, I’ll be back for more.

    “How can I write the book for YOU?” Get a good editor. I hear they can be a real pain in the ass, but worth their weight in gold. Oh, and tell me a story. Maybe you want to craft a story of the insanity and inanity you experience “up close and personal” that explains the same which rules us from the macro level. Or, maybe you want to tell stories like the way that “The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan” was woven into “The Body”. Just tell me a story, brother.

    PS: This is kinda long. So, if you’d rather not affix this into your blog, that is totally cool – I wrote it to you and hope you find it helpful.

    [ Post edited by The Hack for some semblance of clarity: Dude… paragraphs… I’m just sayin’. But thank you for the input. =) ]

    • Matt says:

      Heh, they were paragraphs in my word processor. Somehow they didn’t paste as such. Oh well, I’m surprised to see it here at all.

  10. Frankenstein Government says:

    I have been writing at Frankenstein Government for 6 years. 1977 posts. Not one of them is as good as yours which I linked at my post today.

    You aren’t what you do. I might need a ride to the airport sometime which is more important to me than the fuckstick who invented windows 8 and is now robbing me blind with a pos operating system with no real competition.

    I hate labels. I hate the pigeon holers who ask, “what do you do for a living” so that they can make their judgements about who and what I am.

    Good and authentic writing can come from anywhere and currently it comes from you. It came from my favorite writers, college drop outs like Hunter Thompson or high school grads like Mike Royko. I can’t really explain authentic writing so much as I know it when I see it.

    Your blog was linked at Doug Ross and that’s how I found you. Item last.

    There is nothing wrong with doing a book of short stories or blogs. Royko did that with his syndicated columns. I also have a friend who has made over 100k selling e-books on Amazon at 2.99 apiece. She has an editor which I strongly recommend. She also pays an artist 500 to do the covers on her e books. Maybe a good editor can organize it for you.

    I will most certainly buy your book. Don’t dilute your content. You know what’s good. The Pig Trap was beautiful. Save some good, fresh stuff for the book.


  11. Chris says:

    I’m a new fan of the Taxi Hack…found you through a re-post or link to “A Few Thoughts on Current Events.” Have only read a dozen or so of your posts here but feel safe in saying “You Rock, Taxi Hack!” You can tell a tale with the best of them! If I were you, I would not change a thing. Keep On Keepin’ On! Publish the book without trying to organize the content…the stories stand by themselves. Your work as a Taxi Hack is anything but organized, which makes life interesting. Let the book flow (or floooow) in streams of consciousness just like your blog. Put me down for a few copies. I’ll spread the word.

  12. Nicola Timmerman says:

    Wrote my comment on your Facebook page as only now could see where to post.
    Basically said drawn first to your political rants, then to your portraits of life in the party lane.
    A combination that’s Rabelaisian. Or you could be the new Tom Wolfe.

  13. Charley says:

    I ran across you no more than a week ago. I have since immersed myself in your stories. Believe me, I share your politics, and I love a funny story, as well. But, there is nothing more important than the truth, especially in this day and age. You have the literary acumen to put it in such a way as to “drive home” the utter stupidity of today’s younger Americans, then basically slap them up-side the head with the hard truth. Do NOT remove politics from any of this! This is why you’re getting notice.

    It’s a matter of transition between chapters and the point you’re trying to make.

    I’ve read probably five Patrick McManus’ books. I truly love comedy and his short-story books had me tears. It’s been so long I don’t recall whether or not there was good transition between chapters, nor a theme, –just funny as hell. “Jabba The Drunk” cost me a keyboard.

    You have the ability to go beyond just funny stories. By your writing (from what I’ve been able to tell) you can make a difference if your point is solid and you market it well. Not only will I buy your book, as soon as there’s enough wampum in my paypal account, I’ll spiff $100 for the cause.

  14. Vincent says:

    Write authentic, write politic, and weave an autobio-novella into it. Taxicabdepressions meets Hunter S. Thompson, or Michael Connelly or some such. I’ve read all the posts, and Pig Trap is by far the best thing for me, a politi-junkie… but the nonsense and incredible unreality of what you taxi around on a daily basis is also entertaining. That would be my vote. Btw, thumbs up and thanks for the chuckles.

  15. libertatis says:

    Keep the political stuff; in fact, MOAR BETTER.
    It’s cogent, it’s topical, it’s well-written and it’s right most importantly.

  16. Will says:

    Well, that’s a shame. Your software decided that my post was spam. I spent a lot of time gathering author info for you, and it deleted it.

    • Taxi Hack says:

      Dude, I didn’t delete anything, it is my spam filter… something about cookies or something. Your comment on cell phones came through, so try again from your home computer, or whatever device you used before. I want to hear from you.

  17. bbuddha says:

    my .02 worth…start the book with “what can’t go on won’t go on” all the political stuff can be tied to a taxi story like in the pig trap. and make that the last story of the book. It makes very clear that this isn’t D vs R, this is free vs slave.
    I just recently found you (blogroll surfing) but you have some great stories and i agree with you, you dairy queen……. now that is funny.

  18. JustMike says:

    Your blog is great, and I enjoy every one of your posts. You have a great world view and perspective on what is going on in our society.

    That said, you could just post your blog posts, in order, and make a book of it. If the book is something in your blog, then you are wasting time selling something that can be had for free. Don’t underestimate the google, or forget that your blog will sell books.

    What I would love to read, and pay for, is YOUR story. Not just a few of the experiences of being a taxi driver, but the story of1 your life. You hint in your blog about who you are and why you do what you do. I feel that you can do more than that. Let us read about your life as you see it. Some of the things you have seen in the cab, but also what happens out of the cab, including changing companies and why.

    Who you were before the cab, who you are in the cab, and if the cab is now your life, what do you want to do in the future.

    I was an early tech guy, paving the way for others, and now the others are employed. From everything I read, you are pretty much in the same boat. If I am correct, then write about what you know. I love your politics. I hate the fact that qualified Americans are forced to train Indians with a visa to do their jobs knowing damn well they are out of work as soon as that training is completed. It pisses me off especially knowing I could do those jobs.

    Their is plenty to write about in either blog or book. In my opinion, you won’t do well selling a book containing your blog articles. I am not saying that I don’t enjoy them, but it is your political opinions that got you noticed.

    If you can find a way to infuse your political feelings with stories of your taxi cab experiences, you could offer a book would sell in large numbers. After all, you deal with people, and every one of those people are potential voters. Sad, but true. They are the future of America for no other reason than that they are easily convinced that television has convinced then that they should vote against their own best interest repeatedly.

    I could go one and one for hours, but nobody wants to read that. My last thought. The only thing more I could say is be true you your worldview and let that guide you.

  19. SlickWilly says:

    Amber and stories like that are fascinating… the politics are absolutely riveting and exactly what no one else (short of wing-nuts) are actually saying… and the occasional vodka zombie story makes me laugh, a good break from the more serious (yes, Amber is serious)

    Organization-smorgamazation… just throw the stuff on paper. Blog style is not clunky, nor does your book have to flow. It is perfect in the format you have provided.

    Oh, the taxicab business insights are also a great add in… a glimpse into a world never seen, from my non urban life.

    Keep up the great work!

  20. Larry R says:

    Well, I love the taxi cab stories (wouldn’t take your job on a bet). But I also love the political stuff… in fact I discovered your blog through a link to The Pig Trap. I wouldn’t worry a bit about offending sensibilities… but I do think that *marketing* a book with taxi stories and marketing a political book would be two very different tasks. So my extremely unprofessional opinion is that you actually have two different books on your hands here. Twice as much work, I’ll admit, but I’m good for at least one copy of each.

  21. Larry R says:

    One more thought: find yourself an agent. You’ll need one when it comes time to publish, and the right one will give you good advice on the book, helping you find that sweet spot between being true to your (he)art and producing something that large numbers of people will buy. When you go out looking for one, the blog will be your portfolio.

  22. andrew d says:

    I should presume to advise?? What the hell, here goes.
    The Pig Trap hooked me and that should be your book title. Its message is the thread that ties your political observations and all the insightful, humorous and/or sad vignettes together.
    They don’t have to be chronological. What’s happening in this “greatest political experiment in human history” is supported by those drunks and whores and is demonstrated by those same characters as well as your own story.
    Don’t try to force conclusions on your readers. Your blogs don’t, it would ruin the book. Your stories are powerful and the message is clear for any who are capable of seeing.
    Thank you, can’t wait for the book.

  23. Samd says:

    I say your stories do not have to mesh they can jump from humorous to political. The book can be just like your blog and your job. Each new customer is a separate person with their own story. Your job and your writing brings something new with each paragraph and chapter, some are humorous and some are eye opening but they all convey individual instances that as a whole make the big picture. As a taxi driver I picture you never knowing what type of person you will pick up next and I envision your book to be the same not knowing what the next chapter is going to bring..
    I started here because of Pig Trap and I stay being entertained while waiting for the next eye opener.

  24. Nicola Timmerman says:

    Hope you checked out my Facebook comment. Just wanted to add to my blog comment that if I were your wife I would demand that you quit your job. Too bloody dangerous. That knife in the seat back and the guy turning your head are too much. Easy for me to say but nothing else out there you could do to supply the applesauce? Bonne chance from frigid Canada. Though I hear it showed in Mexico City..

  25. I.C.Nielsen says:

    I’ve given your book endeavor about 5 minutes thought and have come up with this. It’s nothing fancy, mind you, but here goes.

    1. Go to Bing, I hate Google, and start researching and emailing publishers, how to get published, even emailing writers you like or not and tell them YOUR story. Remember this is not going to be easy. You may have to give up your hack or your family or BOTH. Heh, it’s ART! Just kidding.

    As for the book it’s already been written, outside of the intro and/or preface. You have to lay it out in the intro grab the readers attention. The pros can help you there. All you have to do now is organize it.

    2. THE BOOK.

    A. Part A (Politics) – Your 4-5 essays, The Pig Trap and such, are a hole in one. Done. Finis.

    Your politics? your beliefs? YOUR MANIFESTO? Put it in the intro or make it the preface. Or a intro to Part A. Whatev. Once the reader has read Part A they’ll know you were an alter boy, a boy scout and a member of the 3 C’s club. A Conservative, a Constitutionalist and a man of Common sense.

    B. Part (Taxi) – You may think you only have Drunks and Whores, but there is a lot more. Clayton, Uber, ex Military. Also a couple of “It’s a Wonderful Life” storys. You have a wealth of wonderful, and side splitting, vignettes.

    An Afterword is always nice. A “I hope you enjoyed this blah blah blah” thing. The reader always feels they’re getting their money’s worth. I do.

    Well what did you expect for 5 mins contemplation? If you want more you’ll have to comp me some miles in your hack. Seriously, I wish the wind at your back on your endeavor, we need more books in this genre. An email to Mike Rowe wouldn’t hurt. He’s a “Dirty Jobs” kind of guy.

    N.B. AoSHQ has a book thread on Sundays. An email to WeirdDave and Y-Knot can’t hurt.

  26. 1432FPCHERO says:

    i’ll keep reading over older posts to see if i can find a common thread, just in case there is one. But my first thought is you don’t need one. I would title it “the Pig Trap”


  27. Mark M. says:

    I would agree with all I.C Nielson has written previously and add just keep writing for now. Hire somebody to help it make sense, that’s what they do. Your commentary and wit are your best features.

  28. Bruce Z says:

    Your book’s audience is for those who don’t follow your blog.
    I already love your blog and your opinions. Mix your political views with the humor of posts like Uber driver between each political chapter.

    Really you have a lot of great material already to work with.

  29. Cam A says:

    I guess the thing I like the most about your stories and rants is how closely they align with my own views on life. For the record, I am a redneck Albertan, so politically as much as fundamentally we agree, there is a huge gap between your politics and mine, but we both seem to have the same view on politicians in general. As well your general disdain for the direction our two countries are headed, resonates with me.

    Your style of writing is also another fav part of the reading experience. You have a way of putting things down on paper that really allow the reader to visualize what you are seeing and doing (vodka zombies for example). I would suggest that you look up Tucker Max, and his blog. He is one such as yourself who aspired to make the leap from blogger to Author, and he did do it successfully, on the strength of his story telling abilities. (not that i condone his content or anything…..)

    Keep the political rants in my opinion, as it give the readers a true flavor of your thought processes, and will I am sure resonate with many of your potential customers. Oh and keep my e-mail addy, as I would be interested in buying a copy when you get it all together.

    Good luck!


  30. Woofman says:

    After reading the comments it looks like using your story telling skills and your ensight into the human condition is the secret to the book. After the Pig Trap I went back and read your blog from beginning to end. The thing about your writing that has me is your story telling abilities. Politics, the human condition and and the humor will keep me coming back. Many times it sounds like you are reading my mind and spitting it out. Much better written!

  31. Stoobie says:

    I put you on par with James Goad. Excellent work!

  32. Joe says:

    Many people have found you ‘through’ politics. I wouldn’t cut that out, but to me it’s secondary.

    You have a very interesting set of experiences, and being a cab driver means that people are predisposed to believe that you do. These experiences also cut to your core strengths, which involve telling entertaining stories that distill human truths. You’re congruent with an iconic brand: the straight-shootin,’ entertaining cabbie. Not too many who can pull that off in print.

    You could make it political entries interspersed with the human vignettes, and that would be OK, Frankly, the political stuff needs the breaks once in a while. More frankly, the separation between some of your stories and our arc of decline is pretty clear anyway.

    Which leads me to suggest making the book about the human stories – yours, and even your fellow drivers’. Intersperse that with the occasional political bit, which has the story before it leading into your point in some way. That broadens your audience, and makes the book a vignette book with some politics, vs. a politics book with some vignettes. That really expands the number of people your buyers can gift the thing to.

    I might indeed call the book “The Pig Trap,” with a picture of a cab on the front. I might also put that specific piece right at the end. It’s your 10 Megaton Truth Bomb, save the best for last and close really strong. By that point, you might even have some people saying “after the reading the rest, I can understand why he might feel that way.”

    Good luck.

  33. Revnant Ddream says:

    My only complaint is there is not more of your tales . I find it a great site, & laugh my head off every time you have a new adventure. Thanks as well for your political insight. If it makes you feel any better, its not much different here in the Canada’s. Political life long politicians with corrupt Union bosses, have destroyed our liberties as well. Public unions are a pox on any Nation. Our police have become political goons too.To these elitist scabs on the world , they are nothing if not devious corrupt puffer fish. I don’t hate the rich who earned their wealth, or the poor. The pol’s create by making an underclass to vote for them, but have nothing but contempt for these political tyrants hiding behind paper castles, called regulations, which none are of account for.

  34. AesopFan says:

    Been here before but somehow missed the Dairy Queen story. Totally loved it.
    It occurred to me as read the comments above (many with very good advice, even if somewhat contradictory), that my favorite stories all involve someone who is sane, like Kyle, and who leavens the lump of the usual fares. Just my two bits.
    And tuppence more:
    Don’t start pre-editing your writing “for the book”; keep putting down what actually happened as it happened, and how you responded to it then.
    Be safe.

  35. Larry says:

    Stealth conservatism.

    The taxi stories will rope them in. The conservative commentary will keep them. And if they get offended, fuck ’em: they’re too stupid to survive what’s coming.

    So, roll a dozen rides, then a commentary, and then a dozen rides. Repeat. Don’t worry about flow or continuity; think of this as a crapper reader where each story stands on it’s own. Like your blog, only in paper or Kindle. See Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries.

    Taxicab Depressions Volume 1
    Taxicab Depressions Volume 2
    Taxicab Depressions Volume 3

    Sign my ass up.