I Just Despise Liberals

Posted: 22nd June 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

Two posts in 24 hours has never happened here before, but I woke up today to see something that pissed me off bad enough to take my coffee into my office and fire up Photoshop…


Am I the only one that remembers Sarah Palin being blamed for the Gabby Giffords shooting, for putting “targets” (actually printer’s registration marks) on a map of Congressional districts? Liberal media and progressive douchenozzles were losing their minds trying to somehow blame Sarah Palin for the act of a madman. But the liberal media believes THIS is an appropriate way to portray a Presidential candidate, and transmit this image around the planet?

So much for “new tone”. When the time for The Realignment comes, don’t forget these mutherfuggers… the media is complicit in all of this. Know them by name. They allowed this, they abetted this, they are the ones creating this atmosphere, and they deserve to be put against the wall first.

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  1. michael says:

    I’m still laughing at your photoshop job. Its great Agitprop. About 100 color copies a can of spray glue and hit the back side of every bathroom stall door. Some will stay for years. Get chick for the womans bathroom or become a temporary Transgender.

  2. Bmore says:

    Lolz! Schweet! ; )

  3. SlickWilly says:

    and the saddest part was I *MYSELF* was a bit shocked at the Cackles Photoshop, more so than I was at the original. I guess I do am used to this sort of thing when a conservative is the target.

    Or maybe it is simply that I am reacting to the expected uproar?

    Great post. Looking forward to the book

  4. Larry says:

    I have already hijacked your poster and started sending it onward. Wonderful juxtaposition of the opponents. Thank you for your time and talent. If my boss only knew how much time I have spent perusing all of your posts, he would only be upset until he started them himself.

    Looking forward to the book. The Pig Trap and Stop Being Black cannot be repeated too much in the effort to save this country.

  5. 1432FPCHERO says:

    I too will let this make the rounds , I’ll email you a an appropriate response

  6. rightwingterrorist says:

    “When the time for The Realignment comes, don’t forget these mutherfuggers…”

    …and the…


    The list goes on and on.

  7. Gal Spunes says:

    May have been more effective if you had ‘shopped Obama into the photo instead of Shrillery, but then you’d be no-knocked and flash-banged in the middle of the night 😉


    As always 🙂

  8. Navy EOD Guy says:

    Great one! And, you’re right. The motherfugger list just keeps on growing.

  9. Bob Daye says:

    The Realignment, I like that.

    To start the realignment, shame and mock liberals whenever and wherever you can. Of course they have no shame but it’s satisfying.

  10. I’ve known German engineers who had better senses of humor than the American conservative.

    The picture of Cruz is ironic. It’s humorous.

    The picture with Clinton doesn’t make any particular sense.

    Are you guys really that stupid that you can not see why the first picture is ironic and the second picture just weird?


    • Gal Spunes says:

      Are you sure you know what the word “ironic” means?

      How is it not ironic that a ‘gun control’ fanatic can’t even prevent a picture of a gun from appearing to point at her head? Seems humorous to me.

      The whole point here is that the lefty chortling over managing to luck into a picture of their sworn eeeeevil rethuglican enemy with a gun pointing at his head, is hypocritically at odds with the screeching ‘culture of hate’ reaction that would have ensued had the picture originally been of Shrillery.

      This isn’t a difficult concept to grasp…

      • RegT says:

        Liberals can’t grasp concepts, any more than they can differentiate reality from their own disturbed desires and fantasies. The liberal (Borg) collective would say, “Logic and reason are futile.”