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Posted: 15th August 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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I had an incident tonight that will definitely be in the book, an event that required calling the police. As these “ladies” were being placed in their new mode of transportation, I said to the 6 or 8 officers standing around me, “You know what driving a taxi for five years has taught me? It has taught me that I could never have YOUR job, because if I was issued a badge and Taser, I’d be lighting up three people a night.”

They chuckled at that, one officer in particular, and as I was leaving, I said to that officer, “Hey, I can tell you have a sense of humor, and there are few occupations that can identify with my typical customers… I blog about these wasted idiots, and I am actually writing a book, too… check this out, you might enjoy it,” and I handed him the card I sling to direct people to my blog.

He said, “You blog about these people? That’s awesome!”

Another officer said, “Reminds me of that show Taxicab Confessions…”

I said, “Read the card.” He read it out loud, and they both started laughing. So I ended up passing out seven or eight cards to the officers, and I hope they remember to visit.

Guys, hats off to all of you… as a law-abiding citizen, I am a big supporter of law enforcement, and you were remarkably patient and professional with those nitwits, a credit to your agency. You certainly gave them more slack than I would have. Go read a really old post of mine about another interaction with the police, Obnoxious Bitches: A Tragedy In Four Acts.

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  1. BigAlSouth says:

    Recently, I had a deputy sheriff accompany me to change the locks on an eviction. The tenant was still occupying the unit, along with boyfriend, mom, two kids and a random adult. The deputy made them leave and after I changed the locks, he looks at me and says “what always upsets me in this situation is the two small kids are going to think the cops are the bad guys for throwing them out.”

    Never thought about it until then. The parents don’t pay the rent and the cops are the bad guys.

    • 1432FPCHERO says:

      Big Al… no truer words have i heard in a while. I have been eye witness to the same eviction scenario next door for the past two weeks. The parents are drunks and the kids will start school in a week, more than likely without a decent meal or the basic necessities required. the older of the two kids is already a mouthy little twirp and will soon be another delinquent. its the andy rooney rule all over again!!

  2. Jess says:

    I have nothing profound for a comment, but enjoyed the post. It made me remember many occasions where I realized why I never chose a career in law enforcement.