Way To Go, Trayvon…

Posted: 22nd August 2015 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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Black Lives Matter?

Ehhh… opinions vary…


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  1. Rob says:

    Thanks. That’s a very powerful video by the black woman who is the mother of a young black man now in jail because he won’t listen to her advice or value the sacrifices she made for him. I hope many get to see it.

  2. Cilla Mitchell says:

    Patients’ Lives Matter.


    Black and lives do not matter in the hands of our medical cartel. Until blacks and whites realize this, our medical community can systematically kill us at a rapid rate, and there is not a thing we can do about it.

    • Matt says:

      Cilla, I’m surprised that TaxiHack was as generous with his workspace as this, allowing you to summarize and link your irrelevant, grossly overstated rant about the sad and deteriorating state of medical practice. You seem to want to blur the line between willful mass murder, and endemic systemic negligence exacerbated by excessive tests driven largely by the malpractice litigators.

      I tried to post there, but the ridiculous, multiple Captchas and “Your HTML cannot be accepted” messages represented a barrier not worth the trouble. But, it looks like almost nobody is reading it anyway.

      • Taxi Hack says:

        Cilla is a long-time reader, so I will give her a little rhythm. People post links to all sorts of things on this site that I don’t necessarily endorse, so I am willing to give her some slack…

  3. Matt says:

    The Flash movie beneath the tire track above is not accessible to the version 18,0,0,232 Flash player plugin in my Firefox browser.

    A refreshing, poignant, provocative post. I sure don’t agree with all she had to say, but I’m not standing in her shoes, either. Nevertheless, she and other courageous blacks have stood up as publicly as can be in order to call “bullshit” on the trending and misplaced sympathies for thugs and their feral or duped supporters. For that, she and her cohort of firm-spined contrarians all deserve a big “AMEN!”.

    Instead of “hands up, don’t shoot”, the mantra should be “Pants up, don’t loot!”

  4. Larry says:

    Looks like Facebook decided to censor the video. Here’s another source.

    • Taxi Hack says:

      I’m still seeing the video on my post, Larry… Matt posted previously that he was having trouble with the second video, and I want to convert it to an MPEG as soon as I can…

  5. Gal Spunes says:

    How does a person that verbally punctuates with “nigga” like a machine gun, ever expect to be taken seriously? What is the possibility that anything other than a dismal future (or an early grave) awaits him? He’s an unemployable, sickening self-parody.

    We certainly need to hear from more bold, righteous black people – like that lady. OK, her language was a bit coarse at times…but she was shooting both barrels from the hip, so I can cut her some slack for that.

    Kudos, lady…keep shooting back 😉

    Don’t let the niggaz get you down.