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If you are a writer, you want to write something worth quoting, ie, “A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.” I can quote a couple dozen writers, from Shakespeare to Charles Dickens to Mark Twain to H.L Mencken to Hunter S. Thompson. But to be quoteworthy, you need to be saying something important, or at least memorable.

If you search the internet for the exact phrase, “These people are playing with matches”, dozens of links to The Pig Trap come up on Google. But oddly enough, as of this writing, my blog isn’t one of the listings, just people that quoted or linked to me. On the other hand, my blog comes up on the first page of Bing when searching for that phrase. Such are the mysteries of Search Engine Optimization… the site that quote originated on doesn’t actually make the list at Google. But the problem here is that I didn’t say that, a passenger did. I have always wanted to say something important and memorable, and as succinct as the Bard, or at least Mr. Wheeler.

Everybody has heard of Murphy’s Law; “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.” Do we even know who Murphy is? He seems mighty famous… he oughta get credit for that, doncha think?

Years ago, I heard Cole’s Maxim, an addendum and qualifier of Murphy’s Law, something a lot of people haven’t heard; “Murphy was an optimist.”

I’d like to have a law. Something short. Succinct. Ten words or less.



Conceptual bedrock.

Then I realized that I have spoken one sentence dozens of times, and even typed it several times here on this blog, originally in The Pig Trap. Coming from a marketing background, I thought Hack’s Maxim sounded really good… nice alliteration there. But then I realized I wasn’t exactly sure what a maxim is. So I looked it up, and the definition of a maxim is,

maxim |ˈmaksim|
a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct : the maxim that actions speak louder than words.

A general rule…? No, that doesn’t work… maybe an aphorism…?

aphorism |ˈafəˌrizəm|
a pithy observation that contains a general truth, such as, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

No, that’s not right either… what about an axiom…?

axiom |ˈaksēəm|
a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true : the axiom that supply equals demand.

That’s it. Self-evidently true. So this is Hack’s Axiom:

What can not go on, will NOT go on.

I always say this referring to our current political situation, but if you think about it more generally, it holds up. If you drive your car without oil in the crankcase, it will eventually stop. That can not go on. If your favorite drinking game is Russian Roulette with a Colt Python, that will eventually stop, too. And if you are bedding your sister-in-law or your bosses’ wife three times a week on the clock, that will certainly end badly as well.

What can not go on, will NOT go on.

Thousands of illegal immigrants streaming across the border every month can not go on. Bankrupt entitlement programs can not go on. The Treasury borrowing trillions of dollars and printing worthless fiat currency based only on a promise and the fear of our military can not go on. Racist movements based on lies that encourage the killing of white people and police officers can not go on. Persecuting and prosecuting American Christians for following the basic tenants of their faith can not go on. Coddling and appeasing and negotiating with Islamic terrorists that enslave thousands, destroy historical treasures, kill people indiscriminately, behead Christians, rape little boys, stone women, hang gay people from cranes and toss them off rooftops can not go on.

And a lawless, corrupt government run by an elite oligarchy that plunders our treasury, bankrupts cities and even States, taxes the productive and redistributes wealth in order to curry the favor and votes of the unproductive, flouts the law as a matter of course, permits (and subsidizes) an organization like Planned Parenthood to massacre millions of infants and sell their organs, weaponizes the tax system to punish it’s critics, surveils the citizenry, and routinely violates the protections of the Constitution can not go on, either.

What can not go on, will NOT go on.

I called it in The Pig Trap; Lois Lerner is going to skate. She is being protected by the Obama Administration and the Justice Department, after consciously, deliberately, and illegally targeting political opponents of the current administration. Lois Lerner should live in fear for her personal safety for the rest of her life. If I did what she did, I would ask the FBI (while Obama is running it) to give me a new identity and bury me deep in the witness protection program… I’d get plastic surgery to alter my face, and retire to a tiny town in a heavily Democrat state, and pray I was never discovered.

And now the Democrat party is actually going to run a Presidential candidate that has been proven by her own email to have lied about the Benghazi incident, a candidate that emailed her daughter that the consulate was attacked by al Queda styled terrorists on the very night of the attack, but conspired with the Democrat President to put forward the lie that the attack was inspired by some obscure video that no one had ever seen, because Obama’s re-election was just two months away. They said it was just a protest, but somehow, the protesters brought AK-47’s and RPGs that night, not protest signs and flags to burn.

That movie maker spent more than a year in prison for that lie, by the way. Imagine if that was you, or your Dad… serving more than a year in prison, so Obama could be re-elected. Imagine how you might feel if your Dad or your brother or your son died that night in Libya, and having Hillary lie to your face about why they died.

What difference, at this point, does it make?

She repeatedly stated that this video was the cause of their deaths, and was revealed to be nakedly lying. She lied to Congress, she lied to the families of the people killed, she lied to the American people, and dispatched her flunky Susan Rice to cast those lies is concrete on the Sunday news shows the following week, believing that she was shielded by her private email server and her status in the political oligarchy, and would never have to answer for this.

But the Democrats are running her anyway, a candidate that has also been shown to have obscured and deleted documents required by subpoena, a candidate that operated a private email server while Secretary of State, routinely handling the most sensitive data without the most basic of security protocols, a server that has certainly been compromised by the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, and the Iranians, located in a toilet in Colorado.

I used to run a website for a screen printing company that catered to the livestock industry, whose most expensive item was a $48 hoodie, and their web security was far superior to Hillary Clinton’s. If you don’t understand that EVERY SINGLE EMAIL Hillary sent or received during her tenure as Secretary of State is most assuredly in the hands of the Chinese government, you are even more of a moron than she is.

If you or I did just 1/100th of what Hillary has done, we would be in SuperMax for the rest of our lives. This is what I said about “us” versus the “political class” in The Pig Trap. Look at David Patreus… he just let some chick he was banging read some inconsequential material, but he was disgraced, sacrificed for Obama. His transgressions do not even approach Hillary’s. And yet an alarming number of people find Hillary to be a perfectly acceptable candidate for President. None of these facts matter to them.

Are you shitting me? How is this woman running for President instead of being perp-walked in shackles and an orange jumpsuit? The answer is, she is of the oligarchy. The rules for her are different than the rules for you. As I have said before, we don’t have elected representatives anymore, we have elected rulers.

What can not go on, will NOT go on.

The Second Civil War is coming, but World War III is coming too, and it will have a religious component that its’ two predecessors did not. And now this religious component is being freely imported into this country, making the United States a battlefield, where it was not in wars past. Europe is being overrun with Muslim “refugees”, but if you look closely, you will notice something odd.

Who flees a war zone? The people that can not fight, that’s who. But if you look closely at images of the “refugees”, you don’t see a lot of children. Where are the women? Where are the elderly? It appears that nearly all of the people coming to Europe are male, between 16 and 40. And Obama is talking about taking in THOUSANDS of these unvetted “refugees”, here in America, with no ID, no passports, just their word as to who they are and why they are coming. I understand the first group recently arrived in New Orleans.

And tonight, I am watching chaotic reports of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris, with more than 150 dead, and everyone struggling mightily to not utter the word “Muslim” or “Islam”.

Right now, it is a coin toss as to which will happen first; World War III, or American Civil War II. Worst case scenario; they will happen congruently.

But this WILL end… one way, or another. 300 to 350 million guns in private hands says so.

There’s a lot of chatter of late about enacting tighter gun laws and restricting gun ownership in the US, especially from the Clinton campaign, so let’s conduct an exercise in easy math. Roughly half of the people in the US lean Republican or conservative. That’s about 160 million people, and those guys have a lot of guns. Of course a lot of those people have kids that don’t vote, but set that aside for the moment. According to polling, more than half of the people in this country say that America is on “the wrong track”, so that has to include some Democrats. Democrats have some guns, too, but since the Left in America is the party of gun control, it stands to reason that many or most of them are not armed, and support strict gun control in America, a la England or Australia. Both Obama and Hillary have pointed to Australia’s compulsory gun confiscation program as a model for America, in spite of the Second Amendment.

Let’s say that the next administration enacts sweeping gun regulation, and maybe even a confiscation program like Australia’s. Let’s also assume that they are extraordinarily successful, and manage to get a whopping 80% of American’s guns. Let’s also assume that the number of guns in America is at the low end of that scale mentioned above, 300 million.

80% of 300,000,000 is 240 million guns confiscated. That sounds pretty good, right? I think that is wildly optimistic, but let’s go with those numbers.

That still leaves SIXTY MILLION GUNS in the hands of a populace that will be very, very pissed off after that confiscation. I’m guessing that number is actually much larger. By comparison, according to Wikipedia, the entire active and reserve forces of the Chinese military are less than three million soldiers. And those guns and those men don’t have to cross the Pacific, they are already HERE, in San Antonio and Des Moines and Newark and Miami and Denver and Provo and San Francisco and Little Rock and Albany.

IF IT IS ONLY this small, there is a guerrilla army on this continent far greater than EVERYTHING China could possibly invade with… and every single one of them knows where to get more bullets and a hot meal, tonight. And supporting them, at least another 80 or 100 million people that won’t take up arms themselves, but will give aid and comfort to them.

When you present a gun control idiot with these facts, they sputter and dither and say, ” You can’t take on a government that has machine guns and fighter jets and tanks and drones and artillery and nuclear bombs!”

Anyone who says something this moronic hasn’t read the newspaper in a long, long time, and they haven’t read much history, either. The massive British fleet sailing into New York Harbor in 1776 was the 18th century equivalent of The Death Star arriving in New York, and while the ensuing battle was a huge loss for the revolutionaries, it wasn’t enough to destroy them.

To borrow a surfer’s expression, locals rule.

Iraq has been lost to the locals, because Obama abandoned it. Afghanistan is on the verge of being lost to the locals, after nearly fifteen years and thousands of deaths and lost limbs, and tanks and drones and fighter jets and nukes don’t seem to be working there, either. If all the military might of the US government can’t stop illiterate 7th century religious fanatics and child rapists and goat fuckers in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria, how will they stop college-educated marksmen in America, trained by the US military, that know how to make their own bullets, know how to build sophisticated IEDs, know how to operate their own surveillance drones, know how to conduct cyber attacks against the government, and have internet access?

Does Vietnam ring a bell? Our government defoliated wide swaths of the jungle with noxious chemicals and napalmed thousands of acres of forest, had total air superiority and battleship support, and yet, they were eventually overcome by illiterate rice farmers with rusty AK-47’s and bamboo punji sticks. I know a least twenty superior soldiers, far better armed and trained than Tran from the rice paddy. You would think that as a Vietnam veteran, Secretary of State John Kerry would have some illuminating thoughts on this matter.

It seems like the political class in this country WANT chaos… they WANT to borrow and spend money until the economy collapses… they WANT to encourage a stream of immigrants that breaks the back of the welfare system and causes rampant crime… they WANT to allow radical islamists into the country… they WANT to encourage blacks to kill police officers… they WANT to release thousands of hardened criminals onto the streets… they WANT to tax patriotic Americans into poverty… they WANT to persecute Christians to the point that they rise up…

Why? Are they evil, or are they just plain stupid?

Is it the Cloward/Piven strategy, to cause so much chaos that the populace WANTS to live in a police state, just to end the chaos they created? Does the oligarchy really think that they will be safe and protected in their Green Zones when civil society collapses? It’s like they WANT something to snap, because they think they can handle it, and that will give the political class in this country absolute power and control. If that is what they think, these people are utterly delusional, or as Mr. Wheeler said, playing with matches.

Let me reiterate that I DO NOT want any of this shit to happen! I want patriotic leaders and our Constitutional process to right this ship, but currently, that process seems to be failing. I am raising a five year old little girl, and I want her world to be nothing but unicorns, coloring books, flash cards, Ninja Turtles, Barbies, and Bubble Guppies. I don’t want to have to explain to her why her government is tyrannical. I don’t want to have to explain to her how our economy collapsed or how our money isn’t worth anything and she has to go hungry because our political class destroyed our civilization. I do not want to have to warn her of the dangers from lawless Mexican gangs or an Iron Age religion that wants to subjugate her, rape her, mutilate her vagina, or cut off her head.

I don’t want any of this. I have a genuine aversion to violence. But if you insist on bringing this shit to my doorstep, I promise, I will kill you.

I’m not a soldier. I’m not a radical. I’m not a terrorist. I’m not a militant. I’m not an insurgent. I’m not even a revolutionary.

I’m just an American… I’m just a Dad. And I know a lot more Dads, too… just like me. We aren’t going to tolerate this shit much longer. I can’t tell you how many angry people I have encountered in my car, completely fed up with the insanity that is our government. There is a simmering rage in this country, not from people that covet power, but from ordinary people that just want to go to work, raise their families, and not be outraged and offended daily by what their government is doing, and can’t seem to vote this incompetent, corrupt, and greedy oligarchy out of power.

Quote me on this… What can not go on, will NOT go on.

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  1. I Am says:

    You are spot on in everything you spouted. This bullshit CAN NOT go on. I don’t own any guns, but my family does. I DO know how to use a gun, and if the climate continues….Anyway, I think the possible war(s) that are coming are the coup de Gras of the incompetent government and its many cancerous heads finally cutting its own throat. They are so afraid to lose their power in their own self created system of inequity that they are going to use radical religious immigrants to come onto OUR home land to start a full assault. Awesome, because if shit hits the fan the “governing body of shit” is also going to get splattered. I am so fucking tired of these idiots and their moronic philosophy and hubris. All empires fall, we have the ability to communicate information at a moments notice and the oligarchy’s agenda is constantly becoming more transparent because of the factual information we have at our disposal. Our perception and intuition is far greater than their propaganda ejaculation. Their power is illusion, and they know it. The one positive way I can look at this is that this can only mean the government fears its citizens, that is liberty. People don’t fear the government, which would be tyranny, they are merely being led to fear for their own self centered well being. Even the sheeple for the most part have no love for the system as a whole. They simply have no idea that their chosen political affiliation has no relevance. They watch the news and bitch about the other party that opposes their chosen side in the false bipartisan layout. It is really the upper 1% vs the rest of us. We won’t lose if it comes down to it. Bank on that.

  2. Stan says:

    Very good post ….but fix the math… 80% of 300 million is 240,000,000….right? Saying there would be 60,000,000 firearms left in American hands sounds even more imposing. Let the gungrabbers beware!

  3. Big Al says:

    The devil is positioning his children, and this will not end well. There is a number of really good reasons that God put these ” people ” on the other side of the earth. Wicked people like other wicked people and want them near.
    I compliment you, sir, for this well thought out article and your excellent writing style.

  4. Bigalsouth says:

    Hack, your math is off by a factor of 10 (80%x300 mil is 240 million) but your point is well stated.

    Islam is at war with Western Civilization and damn the politicians to hell who do not get this.

  5. DriverRob says:

    Great article, great read, great new axiom. Please change, add a zero, to your figures of the number of guns remaining after an 80 percent confiscation. 80% of 300 million is 240 million leaving 60 million, and so on with your example. In any mass situation of civil disorder, the feds have lots more new type weapons to employ–everything from weather control, emp saturation, no cell phone reception or web connection tactically, and they will control most of the food and water supplies. With 50 percent of Americans depending on a monthly government check arriving regularly to survive, the oligarghs and grifters controlling things believe they now have the upper hand. They will lose in the end because even if they win every fight, opponents will still be there in numbers and unwilling to quit–for however long it takes to re-establsh our consitution and arrive at a consensus on the way forward.

  6. Ken says:

    Excellent piece. I’m really considering getting a conceal carry for a lot of the reasons you covered here. Just read an article about Syrian refugees starting to come in via New Orleans. We are going to hit a tipping point sooner rather than later.

  7. BK says:

    Who will confiscate the guns? Will it be the cops that have been thrown under the bus to BLM or the military that has been downsized and seen the VA abandon them to sub-standard care while the hard-fought victories the have won are thrown away to advance Obama’s agenda?

  8. RustyGunner says:

    They say there’s nothing new under the sun, and it appears to be true. Per Wikipedia article on the late economist Herbert Stein:

    “Stein was the formulator of “Herbert Stein’s Law,” which he expressed as “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop,” by which he meant that if a trend (balance of payments deficits in his example) cannot go on forever, there is no need for action or a program to make it stop, much less to make it stop immediately; it will stop of its own accord.[2] It is often rephrased as: “Trends that can’t continue, won’t.”

  9. brinster says:

    3 of those 60 million are in Southwest Virginia, and their owner has a concealed carry permit. As American Express says, I don’t leave home without at least one of them.

  10. bringthereality says:

    I don’t think anyone is deluded enough to think they can take on the US government in a straight-up fight. Or stupid enough to think they have to.

    Our (s)elected tormentors are only in power because the power is on, the EBT is flowing, and if you know enough people who know enough people, you can get away with some egregious crimes against your fellow man (see: Killary)

    Imagine for a minute that the power grid went down across the eastern seaboard. No EBT, no cashless transactions, no mass refrigeration, no infrastructure for on-time delivery to the grocery stores or fashion outlets. Mrkns would, to put it as politely as possible, FREAK THE FUCK OUT!!!

    At which point they would show their true colors. Let’s start with racists of all hues… they would take as much advantage of the chaos to kill those who don’t look like them. Then the holy rollers of all stripes, and then just the plain sociopathic/misanthropic. Murder, arson, and jaywalking will be up 1000%. And to give credit where credit is due, there will be a few people trying to do the right thing, because they’ve been conditioned to do so by all the institutions they’ve been in- school, church, workplace. I won’t be among this group… they will like suffer massive casualties by everybody else trying to get a leg up.

    More likely, it will be a slow decline as entire classes of people drop out, or at least minimze their effect on the system. Many are already there. Think “Who is John Galt?” With less money coming in and MANDATED more money going out, we hit unsustainable at least as far back as the early 90s. Maybe it will take til 2030 for the bubble to burst, but burst it will.

  11. stahlie says:

    Excellent article. All I can ask is when do we reach the breaking point? I’m pissed now. Dirty, law-breaking SOBs in Washington, trampling the Constitution into the dirt. We are at the point where they are trying to replace the poorly documented non-citizen President with a female felon. Pissed doesn’t even cover it.

  12. Ganon's_Dad says:

    your commentary is spot on as usual, thanks for sharing your thoughts

  13. Rob McCarthy says:

    Excellent Job Hack…. From just another American Dad

  14. hillbillyjim says:

    “People have more fun than anybody.”

    You can quote me on that.

  15. Rancher Dan says:

    Excellent writing Hack. You are spot on. Prepare, prepare,and then prepare some more. I dont put my pants on without my ccw in my holster. My eyes are alway open to whats hapening around me. Most of my friend operate in the same mode. Its coming.

  16. Leo says:

    American troops on foreign soil have to ‘play’ by rules of engagement. This is why those troops seem so unsuccessful warring in those cave and desert countries. Those same rules of engagement would not be applied when DHS, BATFE or some other O’ faction turn their arms, and drones and bombs against U.S. Citizens. In fact, they’d be ordered to unleash hell on US whether we’re armed or not. What we have in Washington is a ‘intentional malice’ — not incompetence. BO has seven years of experience watching spineless, dickless republicans do nothing but ingratiate themselves to his highness. That makes them complicit in everything that has happened since 2008. The 2016 election will be won by the dems due to rampant fraud and a fixed system. There will be a new president, but BO will have power, just like Bill Clinton does now, for the rest of his days. God be with you and yours and also with me and mine.

  17. JTwig says:

    Amen…..as a fellow dad and American you said everything I’ve been unable to articulate.

  18. Doug says:

    Hell ya TH, that axiom works. I’ll gladly go along with that.

    “What can not go on, will NOT go on.”

    It is the truth.
    Great thing the truth.
    A revolutionary concept the truth.
    The kind of truth that fits neatly into everything you wrote above…about the truth.

    Thanks for thinking of it.

    I’m no educated writer like you, but something you wrote and Robert Gore over at Straight Line Logic wrote made me think of this:

    Deash, the caliphate, and those running our government share something deeply in common.
    They are as enexstricably linked as if they where sworn allies.
    Neither has intrinsic legitimacy.
    Because for all their corruption and force of violence and ideology, and the kind illusion of power they construct, niether holds a shred of moral high ground.
    For either to win, it is impossible, regardless of their force and violence, because it is impossible for them to obtain and hold the moral high ground.
    In truth in spite of it.
    This is where faith in God, Liberty and integrity of our primal rights and natural freedom makes us the most legitimate thing in all of humanity in all its history in all its action.
    If we overtly occupy the moral high ground first, and it is there just for the taking, it is then we can use force in such a way we can not be denied, we destroy the forces of tyranny, we win.

  19. inge_c says:

    First time reader – brought here by Doug Ross who compiles not only daily articles and posts that matter or have any importance but also compiles daily summaries and links to various worthy writers – such as you – Hack.

    Your absolute analysis and observation expressed is a ‘work of art’ – it is shared by millions because you are correctly measuring the current landscape.
    What you correctly observe and ‘eloquently’ put into words (in a real American style) is that of ‘Cold Anger’ throughout America by average American citizens.
    This anger has been simmering and rising for a long time but is not only ‘un-noticed’ but also ignored by those who should pay attention.

    As a non-American citizen – you give my quiet thoughts and imagination ‘life’ because I am really encouraged to feel and understand that there are American citizens not focused on hating their own country doing everything they can to demonize this republic, its constitution while slandering their own citizens based on ideology.
    You are what I always thought real americans to be!

    You don’t have a government and president any longer – you have a crime syndicate running the show. A shadow government within the government – a gangster government as Michael Barone so correctly stated 6+ years ago.

    Even I as a non-citizen can feel disgust coming from every corner but more so the ‘cold anger’ as you describe here. I totally agree with every word you wrote.

    Those on the left and their foot soldiers like the corporate media and the corrupt whippersnappers in DC – including fox news – no longer have monopoly with their news reporting. One can see their desperation – their ‘angst’ knowing that americans have awaken to their ‘spiels’ and understand that globalist are doing their best to create the chaos needed by them to put their agenda in place before the time is up.
    Unlimited immigration is a must for them – it is suicide for this republic and her citizens. The exposure of the ‘invented’ but not applicable word games such as ‘religion of peace’ regarding islam and muslim is the biggest farce ever.
    Importing them here will only cause more chaos because of their political ideology of islam and their intent of a world ‘caliphate’ subjecting every ‘infidel’ to their atrocious beliefs.

    After reading this post I am hopeful that all will be good because as you’ve said: “What can not go on, will NOT go on!”

    (I’m still trying to ‘perfect’ my English so pls be patient with me if I made grammatical errors)

  20. Ganon's_Dad says:

    well Hack, here we are 48 hrs post san bernardino….its on our doorstep.

    its practically standing in our fucking living rooms now.

  21. Grog says:

    Inge, thanks for sharing your thoughts, rest assured there a lot of us who think as you described.

    Hack, here’s an egyptian video you’ll appreciate.

  22. Oleaginous Outrager says:

    Anyone with a map and a little knowledge could bring the whole thing down by just hitting the right electrical substations. Most of the liberal retards live in concrete urban cesspits and are incapable of feeding themselves and likely would resort to cannibalism within a week.