I Think Trump’s Got This

Posted: 24th October 2016 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized


All the news talking heads are speaking about Trump in the past tense, from FOX News to my local news stations, saying things like “Trump only has two weeks to resuscitate his floundering campaign”. I’m no pollster, but something doesn’t feel right. I have noticed the last couple weeks lots of Trump bumperstickers, but very few Hillary stickers. I see more Bernie stickers than Hillary stickers, at least where I live. Driving around my town, I see only Trump signs, and nobody seems to have Hillary signs in their yards around here. I see pickup trucks with Trump messages painted in their rear windows, and I see the Make America Great Again hats and shirts fairly frequently.

This was really brought into focus yesterday when I stopped by Walmart and the guy behind me in line was wearing a MAGA hat, and as I walked out to my car, I saw a cute girl on her late twenties wearing a MAGA tee shirt. As I left the parking lot, I saw Trump stickers on five cars. My next errand was taking my daughter to the library, and I consciously looked for signs and stickers there and back, and counted fourteen for Trump, two for Bernie, and zero for Hillary.

The other thing is Trump’s rallies. Trump rallies look like Metallica concerts, and Hillary can’t seem to fill up a Starbucks. Hillary held a rally at a venue close enough to my town to make the local news which holds 2,000 people, and it wasn’t even half full. Tim Kaine had an event in Miami that drew maybe fifty people. And the people that do show up don’t seem particularly excited. I saw this video of Hillary operatives handing out home-made signs to make the people look like they went to the trouble of making a sign to wave.

I think Trump has got this. I understand this little research project of mine the other day is highly anecdotal and may be specific to my area, but I see little evidence of support for Hillary. The Clinton campaign isn’t acting like they are coasting to victory, indeed, they appear to be scrambling to find another cannon to fire at him, and he seems impervious. I think everyone knows the “groping” complaints are all horseshit… this billionaire has been surrounded by beautiful women for fifty years with nary a complaint, and suddenly 10 women emerge to spout off a month before an election? The woman that said Trump groped her on a plane works for the Clinton Foundation and has pictures online with Hillary’s arm around her, so she doesn’t seem real credible. The latest is a washed up porn actress that launched a commercial website the day before her phony “press conference”, so she seems legit… if Gloria Alred is involved, you know it’s a scam.

Be honest… if you got felt up by someone you knew was a billionaire, you would immediately make two phone calls, first, 911, and second, to a lawyer, and begin the process of collecting a six-figure settlement. I wish Trump would grab me by the nuts… that would sort out a lot of problems in my house…

I’m just astonished that with all the sleaze and corruption swirling around her that Hillary is still a viable candidate. She is literally without shame. All the shady shit being exposed by Wikileaks should be completely disqualifying, and would be, without the mainstream media hiding it from low info voters. This is what concerns me. Podesta’s emails have revealed that most of the mainstream media are little more than stenographers for the Democrat party and Hillary in particular, running stories by them for approval and even striking or modifying direct quotes to suit their candidate.

And as a personal aside, I love that Wikileaks has shown that these leaks were not a Russian hack, Podesta lost his phone in a taxi, like so many dumbasses I have had to deal with. If I found Podesta’s phone in my car, I’d be Fed-Exing that phone to the Ecuadorian Embassy myself. It is alarming that the President has blamed this on Russia though, and inflamed an already terse relationship. That’s how low these people will go.


When the Founders wrote the press (what we today call the mainstream media) into the First Amendment, they assumed that the press would function as a check on government power, not aid and abet their crimes. Today, the check on the government has become the internet and social media. The legacy press has become a bad joke and the American equivalent of Pravda, and as I watch events today unfolding and damaging the mainstream media’s preferred candidate, look for future statists looking for ways to silence opposing views, ie, Hillary’s opposition and vow to overturn Citizens United. Were it not for social media and independent bloggers, you would never hear a peep about Hillary’s despicable behavior and shady dealings. It is truly ironic that countless people entered the field of journalism because of Woodward and Bernstein, and look what they have become.

I believe Hillary’s only path to victory is wide-scale voter fraud, and if you Google that subject, you will see massive investigations ongoing in Illinois, Indiana, and even bright-red Texas… and curiously, several polls have turned Texas from “red” to “leans red” to “toss up”. James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has revealed the how and why of voter fraud in America, as well as proof of the Clinton campaign’s role in inciting violence at Trump events. There are millions of dead people eligible to vote on America’s voting rolls, we have voting machines that mysteriously change votes from R to D, we have Democrats bussing people to multiple polling places to vote, and in many cases, anyone with a driver’s license can vote in certain states.

This is what frightens me the most… the corruption in our government is so extensive and metastasized that this is no longer some tinfoil hat conspiracy theory anymore. It HAS happened, and it may well be a factor this cycle. Our former Secretary of State and nominee of the Democrat party used a private email server to conduct her business in order to avoid Congressional oversight. Our President KNEW this, and corresponded with her with his own non-official email address. The IRS and EPA have been weaponized to serve the administration, and the DOJ has been corrupted so deeply that it declines to prosecute the most extensive security lapse in modern times. These are people that just don’t care, and voter fraud is a mild misdemeanor, in their eyes.

Yet numerous polls show Hillary four to twelve points ahead. Well, Hillary has been proven to be a serial liar, the mainstream press silences negative stories and openly lies to us as well, so is it such a stretch to think that polls might be fabricated too? The Podesta emails show them coordinating with the media to oversample Hispanics and Native Americans in Nevada or Arizona. One poll I saw was 61% women versus 39% men, and Hillary wins by nine or eleven points. I think these polls are just another rigged tool in the Democrat toolbox to dispirit Trump voters to make them stay home.

I think Trump’s got this. The Gallup poll for Oct 26th, 1980 was Carter 47, Reagan 39, and Carter got crushed in a 44 state landslide. I don’t think Trump will duplicate that, but think back to those circumstances… the economy in the toilet, sabre rattling from Russia, Iran taking hostages, and inflation soaring. Today, we have an economy in the toilet, sabre rattling from Russia AND China, Iran funding terrorism around the globe and fast-tracked to nuclear weapons, and depressed wages coupled with rising prices. I think the parallels are striking. “Make America Great Again” really isn’t too far away from “Morning In America”, if you think about it.

One other note on polls; campaigns do what is called internal polling, polls only for the candidate and not shared with the public. I came across this story that claims that the Clinton Foundation moved 1.8 billion to a bank in Qatar. I’ve seen a lot of “fake news” sites, and I honestly don’t have time to research this stuff. I’m a simple man that knows nothing of the world of high finance… maybe Tyler Durden at Zerohedge can sort this out. This may be bullshit, and the site is covered with ads and clickbait stories, but the story implies that Hillary’s internal polling shows her losing, and she will leave the country after her loss, taking a swimming pool full of Benjamins with her and live out her days in a palace in Qatar.

Ehh… I could live with that. I’d like to see her prosecuted, but Obama will no doubt hand her and her whole little crime syndicate a blanket pardon. I’d like to see Obama prosecuted, but that would probably be untenable politically. But I pray that books will be written and investigations will be conducted, and history paints this corrupt cabal of grifters and hustlers for the criminals they truly are. America is better than these avaricious frauds, and to quote Obama himself, “that’s just not who we are.”

Go vote. Only a crushing victory will give these criminals the rebuke they have earned.

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  1. StarvinLarry says:

    Signs in NE Ohio are almost all for Trump.
    Lots of trucks/suv’s with Trump and Hillary for Prison. There are a few Hillary signs here and there- not many unless you go to a college campus, even there it’s Bernie signs more than Hildebeast signs.
    The only way the Hildebeast wins is by the dead people vote and other dem election fraud.

  2. Big Al says:

    You did an awesome job on this one. Maybe your best ever. We might not be in Murika
    at this time but we are watching this election like starving pigeons and the show is getting interesting. I might have to put my coffee mug down to flip through the channels and see if the waves of lies abate long enough for people to think.

  3. Awesome article ! Again !
    Put it up on my blog to, gonna send it to @cerovich in the morning, might be seen by many ppl if he picks it up !
    Thanks awesome stuff !🐸
    MAGA !😂👍🐸

  4. LR says:

    From your mouth to god’s ears.

  5. Trialdog says:

    Your anecdotal observations are the same here in Illinois and Wisconsin. But there’s an overwhelming dread present too. Dread predicated on the belief we’ve been had and the fix is in. That we can’t overcome the corruption. The belief we citizens exist solely to be harvested for tax revenue to fund corrupt political elites, their cronies, and donors.
    Are we really going to have a permanent corrupt political class? Have we sunk that low? Have the political media class kept enough people uninformed? We’ll know in a couple weeks.

  6. TimP says:


    I was in Ohio (visiting family) for the 2012 election.
    I too saw all of the Romney signs. Red everywhere.
    The energy was for Romney.
    Nonetheless, Obama won.
    Precinct after precinct in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Youngstown all voted democrat. I mean 100% democrat.
    You have better odds of being struck by lightening twice in one day.
    2004 with Washington’s governor and Franken in Minnesota (or was he 2006), were local trial runs for massive voter fraud. 2008 was in the bag for the democrats anyway, but they had weaponized their methods by then.
    2012 was the real roll out of the voter-fraud/MSM blitzkrieg machine.
    2016 will, I suspect, display voter fraud and tampering on a scale not yet seen. With lawyers and activists ready to go to war and never, ever conceding.
    I plan to vote, I will not be discouraged, but I suspect that the fix will be in.
    Even if the voting is overwhelmingly for Trump.
    The left has become that arrogant and hold us in that much contempt.
    We are (as has been said elsewhere) where it is too late to play within the rules, but too early to shoot the bastards. I hope that is wrong, but I fear it is true.

  7. cali says:

    Spot on post!
    Donald’s rallies tell the story! Yesterday – Trump’s rally was attended by 20,000 and Pence’s rally was attended by app 2,000. On the other side – Kaine only attracted 30!!! What a joke.
    The best way to gouge is the 2008 election – bathhouse Barry drew the same number as DT this year. Hillary attendees in 2008 were a bit larger although her total criminal and treasonous actions were not fully known back then.
    The actual numbers are closer to 67% approval for DT and 27% for HRC – that is actual polls outside the US Pravda.
    The one issue is keep running into are news outside the US and EU: the globalists/global aristocracy via his president, DNCe and HRC et al floating a massive false flag attack should Trump’s polls are too high to beat via fraud which is already underway. The plan is that they may murder their own supporters and blaming DT and his supporters. The current WikiLeaks who’s sources are insiders – NSA, FBI and other agents within the DNC – not Russia is also thought of by HRC et al and Obama to be used in that false flag ergo the current blame and demonization of Putin and his government via the US Pravda. Lots of attempt to steal this election from DT is afoot. Most supporters lie to pollsters incl politicians about their support for DT.
    They going all out to drag that corpse over the finish line despite her bottomed out support. Throughout the early voting in all states voting machines are flipping people’s vote from DT to HRC.

  8. cali says:

    The Clinton family indeed transferred 1.8 billion dollars to the Qatar Central Bank via Goldman Sachs/Dimon who ireoned out the details at the Clinton’s home. Hillary would not do this transfer directly ergo it was made by Goldman Sachs and its CEO.
    Remember – Qatar has donated millions to her campaign. She also sold tons of weapons to that country destined for ISIS in Syria to overthrow Assad. She also sold chemical weapons that made their way to ISIS in Syria killing innocent civilians but blamed on Assad. Some of these chemical agents also made their way into IRAQ and were used on our own troops. Of course the friggin US Pravda keeps a black-out on all of this but the recent retaliaten indictment of Turi – who HRC licensed during her term as SOS in lieu of campaign cash – wants to tell ‘his’ story. He may be ‘Fostered’ somewhere. Obama – out of fear of exposure instructed Lynch to drop the indictment. That too has been hidden by the corporate media hacks.

  9. Gassius Maximus says:

    Taxi – I totally agree with you. After eight years of this stuff, it is difficult to believe that she could win without a lot of help from her friends, well, suckups to tell the truth, and cheating and corruption which has been a key target for the Alinsky/Cloward/Communist pukes for the past decades. Refining their art under the cover of political correctness.

    Just who lets non-citizens vote? Just who objects to someone having to show proof of identity/residence? Just who lets ex-cons or even those currently incarcerated vote having forfeited that right? Just who lets all these people and places start voting so early? Just who doesn’t let those in the military vote?

    It is crazy stupid and our congress-critters let it all happen.

    BTW, you sound very at peace and rested. Good on you man! Stay chill.

  10. Distorted polls have the well known effect of convincing some people to avoid the bother of voting for a lost cause. That is a tactic.

    The most sinister and strategic effect might be to make a stolen election seem reasonable. If Hillary wins by 1%, then people will be uncertain. The thinking goes, “I saw all of the public support and indeed the polls were off; Darn, we lost by only 1%, not the 6% predicted by the polls.” This avoids the trouble raised by the alternate outcome, “The polls showed we were up by 4%, the public meetings were large and enthusiastic, yet we supposedly lost by 1%; Smells like election fraud.”

    False polls are needed to steal an election. I think that is the strategic reason why so much effort is being put into a series of biased polls.

  11. Dave says:

    I just road tripped from nothern Kentucky (near Cincinnati) to western Colorado and back. Through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado…I saw not a single Hillary Clinton yard sign. None. Trump signs, however, were everywhere.

  12. LookingIn says:

    Russia sabre rattling? Who’s got weapons on who’s border? Have a think about it.

  13. Alex Martinez says:

    I believe Trump will be the next President, maybe we can save this Republic.

  14. AesopFan says:

    Looks like you were spot on! The most amusing reading the last two days is of the Dem and press hacks (not the good kind of hack, of course, like yourself) who can identify what the Trump voters were protesting against (elites, rigged elections, press bias, corruption, etc) but never attributed any of that to Hillary or the Left in general.
    So they are protesting Red state voters by burning down Blue state cities.

  15. Clarke says:

    I guess he did have it…