Flashback: Obnoxious Bitches- A Tragedy In Four Acts

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One Saturday nite several months ago, I got a call to pick up “Sally” at Merlin’s, a somewhat upscale restaurant out on the beach. I pull into the parking lot and there are two girls sitting on a bench that look completely shithammered from 20 yards.  The manager of the restaurant is standing in front of the door with his arms crossed, as if to deny them re-entry into the restaurant should they manage to get back to their feet. They are dressed nicely, although they have both taken off their heels…   a tall blonde and a petite brunette. He points at me and seems to tell them to go…   they stagger to my car and pile in.

“Where are we going…?” I asked cheerfully, but they are both yelling about the manager of the restaurant that apparently has given them the heave-ho. The brunette in the back seat stuck her face out the window and snarled some obscenities at the manager, but he was already going back inside. I say, “Girls, girls…   let’s settle down…   where are we going…?” The blonde in the front seat slurs out an address that is just a few miles away, and I take off. But before I can even get out of the parking lot, the screaming starts again…   I can’t take screaming in the tight confines of a car. I won’t make it a mile with these bitches both bellowing at the top of their lungs, even with the windows open. Then the brunette in the back seat starts pounding the back of the seat in front of her with her fists like she is possessed.

I admit, I raised my voice. I put just enough volume and put just enough bass in my voice to cut thru the din, and said, “Girls…!   No screaming, and no hitting! Settle down!  I can’t drive with you two yelling like this…” I’m still being polite, though…

And then, the brunette in the back seat has to spoil the whole “passenger / safe, courteous, and professional driver” dynamic we just established 30 seconds ago by smacking me in the back of the head and saying, “Just drive, asshole!”

I was only driving maybe 10 MPH in the parking lot, but I stomped on the brake so hard that the tires screeched and both these bitches were thrown forward. And, I admit, I snapped.


They seemed stunned by my outburst…   they just looked at me… silent, wide-eyed, and slack-jawed. They didn’t move.

I softened my facial expression and said, “Oh, I’m sorry…   did I say “whores”…?   I didn’t mean to say that…”


They piled out and I sped away, whilst they hurled obscenities at me and made rude gestures in my rear view mirror. I called my dispatcher and said that these bitches were intoxicated, obnoxious, and violent, and that I put them out of my car and I would not carry Sally and her friend. He said to get out of there and to not worry about it.



I drove to a nearby bar and parked, and not 7 or 8 minutes later, I got a call to go pick up “Suzie” at Merlins. Shit. I don’t wanna go back there, but I head over anyway. I’m hoping it is someone different, but no…   the same two bitches…   they must have called dispatch from the other one’s phone. But this time, there is a cop there…   Officer Paul, a really great guy known for his patient, cool, and even-handed treatment of the drunken nitwits he has to deal with out on the beach. The manager of the restaurant sticks his head in the passenger window and gives me twenty bucks to remove these hosebags from the property.

I get out of the car and walk up to Officer Paul…   the brunette that smacked me is sitting on the asphalt, and the blonde is drunkenly trying to charm Officer Paul, cooing at him and kinda running her finger along his arm, but the expression on his face says he is unmoved by her wiles. He said, “Your choice is easy; you can go with him, or you can go with me. But the manager has asked that you leave the property immediately.”

I said, “Hey there, Officer Paul…   I had these two LADIES in my car not ten minutes ago, but they wouldn’t stop screaming, and this one here on the ground smacked me in the back of the head. I’m happy to take them home, so long as they don’t scream and don’t hit me. But if they DO hit me again, I am pulling over and calling you to come get them, because I want them arrested for assault, drunk and disorderly, and being a menace to polite society.”

Officer Paul says, “Do you ladies understand that, or should we just go ahead and get in MY car?”

The blonde “promithezzz tuh be ahh guuuuud gurl” and the brunette mumbles something unintelligible. The blonde gets back in the front seat, and Officer Paul and I help the brunette get into the back seat. As I’m walking toward the driver’s door, I say to Officer Paul under my breath, “Ya know what driving a taxi has taught me? It has taught me that I could never have your job. If I were issued a badge and a taser, I’d be lighting up three people a nite.”

Officer Paul laughs and wishes me goodnite…   another 2 hours of paperwork and unnecessary taxpayer expense deftly avoided by a skilled peace officer and community servant.

So, we head to the blonde’s address on Porpoise Drive. The driveway wraps around the back of the restaurant, so we go around the back, take a right onto the street, and drive right past Officer Paul, who is still standing where we left him…   and the blonde in the front seat decides that it would be a good idea to put her entire torso out the window and scream obscenities at the cop.


I really thought she was at serious risk of falling out of the car…   she was wasted and leaning out of the car up to her waist, flipping off the cop that was decent enough to cut her a break, and doing it with both hands.

I said, “What are you doing? Get back in the car!” I drive them to her place, which is only like a ten dollar fare, but I am thrilled to have them out of my car. All this time, all this bullshit, all this screaming, all this tension…    for ten bucks.

As soon as I stop the car, the brunette in the back seat screams, “WOOO HOOOOO! LET’S GET THIS PAAAHTY STAHHHTED!” and bolts for the front door. The blonde in the front seat starts rummaging around in her purse to pay me.

Yes, I know the restaurant manager gave me a twenty…   but these bitches owe me. The fare is paid, now it is time for a tip for my mental anguish.

The blonde gives me twelve or thirteen bucks and says, “Do you have a card…?”

“A card?”

“Yes, a business card, so we can call you the next time we need a taxi.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”, I say. “What possible motivation could I have to ever come pick you two up again? I rescued you from getting arrested, now get out of my car.”

“Well, fuck…   I was just trying to be nice…”

“But you are not nice. You are an obnoxious fucking drunk bitch that just had the police called on her to have her removed from one of the nicest restaurants on the beach, and not a particularly great tipper. Now get out of my car! I have to get back to work!”

“Asshole…” she mutters under her breath…   she opens the door, puts one leg out, and promptly falls on her ass in the street. I can’t see her because she is on the road, and for all I knew, her leg or arm was under the car. But now the brunette has returned with two Bud longnecks; apparently it has been a solid 16 or 18 minutes since they have had any alcohol. She yells, “Dayummm, bitch…  what are you doing in the street? Get up and have a brewski…” and helps the other girl up.

The second I see the blonde is clear of the car, I gun it and let momentum close the passenger door. I go three or four houses down and realize that I am on a cul-de-sac; I have to go back and drive past these bitches to get outta here. As I swing around, my headlights pan across a guy  in shorts and flip flops walking his dog across the street from the girls, just standing there watching this scene. I swing wide to the left and zip past them while they scream obscenities at me, and the blonde chucks her beer at my car. She misses, and the bottle smashes all over the street.

I get down to the corner, and lo and behold, Officer Paul is sitting there with his lights off, watching this spectacle…   he followed us after the blonde screamed at him. I idled up beside him and said, “Two more satisfied customers of Merlin’s, delivered safely home…” Officer Paul looks at the drunk bitches down the street with obvious consternation, and I roll out and back to work.


The following weekend, I picked up a guy at Croc’s Sports Bar and he gives me an address on Porpoise Drive. I said, “Porpoise Drive…   I was just there last weekend.”

He says, “Hey man, are you the taxi driver that dropped off those wasted bitches last weekend?”

“That would be me”, I replied. “Wait a minute…   are you the guy across the street walking the dog”

“Yeah, man…that was me! Dude, those bitches got arrested after you left…   there were a bunch of cops there, a lot of yelling, and then a big scuffle…   I think one of them hit a cop…”


Color me soooo surprised…



Several months later, another driver called me up and said, “Hey, tell me that story again about the drunk chicks at Merlin’s…”   I told him the story, and he said, “Man, you aren’t gonna believe this…” He went on to tell me that he picked up a girl he has known for years, long before he started driving a cab, and that she’s a really nice girl, a friend of his sister’s, I think he said. Months ago, she used to call him directly to take her out or take her home, but she had not called him in a very long time.

So Jim asks her where she has been, and she said she gave up drinking for a while…   she said that a few months back, she drank a shitload of martinis one night at Merlin’s, blacked out, and came to in the county jail with a blinding hangover, with no recollection of what happened or how she got there.

Jim told her that he thought he knew the taxi driver that took her home, and that she had smacked him in the head.  She told Jim that she was soooo embarrassed, and to please apologize profusely to me for her unseemly behavior.

Apology accepted. Just don’t think I’m ever going to carry you or your belligerent friend again.



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    Great blog, man. You’ve got a talent. Keep up the good work.

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    the wheel of life is amazing

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    Have been reading you for quite a while. The latest rant was spot on! Keep up the good work; I can’t wait for the book. Also, I can help edit if need be.