What Happens If Nothing Happens?

Posted: 30th January 2018 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized


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  1. Matt Sabol says:

    I hope you, yours, and your little punkin’ are well.

    I knew your topic before opening your site, from the tag line, of course.

    Yes, What happens? I know only a few people who are mad as hell, most everyone else is just too tired for what’s important.


  2. MattM says:

    Been wonderin’ for a while myself. How bad does it have to get? At what point do we start shooting back?
    Given how bad thing have already gotten, and how most don’t notice, don’t want to see, or don’t seem to care, I think the answer is – when we’ve lost most personal security and reasonable hope. The economic reset should be interesting.

  3. KimN says:

    Here’s why I think it will be different this time. Up until now, the people who were in charge of enforcing the law, were actually flouting and breaking the law. Once they are exposed, they will be prosecuted. There is a new sheriff in town! He hasn’t let us down yet, and I don’t think he will in this case either.
    He has surrounded himself with MIL not ABC security, and he is magnitudes smarter than any previous president and administration. I honestly believe that he was destined to save our country and I think that somehow he felt this was his burden to undertake.
    Every day, I say Thank God for Trump!

  4. Rob P. says:

    Don’t get too upset until this plays out. It’s just beginning. Let’s see the reaction to release of the summary report from the House. The mainstream media are almost completely controlled now and the censoring of major websites is increasing as well. Most people remain clueless and that is always the case. It’s also helpful to remember our Republic has been through this before, the most recent being in the mid-1930’s. At that time a group of super wealthy and important people opposed to Franklin Roosevelt’s programs attempted to organize a coup against him and asked Smedly Butler (the most decorated Marine) to lead the military action component. It was thwarted when Butler blew the whistle. I don’t think anyone went to jail though, and the very serious incident rarely makes the history books. We live today in a tyranny that is advancing but it will not be successful as long as the general population is armed and the supreme court still has a majority of justices that follow the constitution. The upcoming Congressional elections will tell the story as to whether the President’s policies will advance or the globalists regain major control of this evolving situation. My bet is on Trump.

  5. Don says:

    Glad to see you back. And offering a fairly deep, thought provoking question 🙂

  6. soapweed says:

    Taxi Hack: Very nice to see a posting from you. Thought provoking in your usual style.
    Dropped and broke my crystal ball with Weaver and Waco. Crickets…..
    Not marching over hill and dale. Have enough cottonwoods here for our esteemed locals to swing discretely and unnoticed until they turn black and drop to the ground. Just like banding bull nut sacks. Anytime.

  7. Bob says:

    What Happens If Nothing Happens?

    Isn’t that what 2A is for?
    To clean house and take the country back?
    Isn’t that why the Dems Marxists and progressives want it eliminated?

  8. michael says:

    Time for “Mr. Wheeler”?