Huzzah For Ben Shapiro!

Posted: 12th January 2013 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized

This circus surrounding the current push for gun control legislation is a morass of lies and deceptions, fostered by the media and promoted by the left in America, because the Constitution and the Bill of Rights stand squarely in opposition to the goals of the Statist left. That is precisely how it was designed to work, and that in turn infuriates and frustrates these people who wish to subjugate the American people. Nevertheless, they forge onward with inane arguments they struggle to make sound “reasonable”.

What angers me most is all this “reasonable” discussion about sportsmen and target practice and self defense and mall shootings and dead children and assault weapons and magazine capacity is that all of this is a deceitful smokescreen, intentionally designed to confuse the population and obscure the left’s goal of incremental but total citizen disarmament. And far too few of our elected leaders and our so-called representatives seem willing or able to spell out precisely what the intent of the Second Amendment is and stand on principle.

The intent of the Second Amendment is clear to anyone possessing the reading comprehension we used to expect from an average tenth grader, but thanks to teachers’ unions, that is becoming a higher and higher bar with each passing year. The Founders intended for the population at large to be armed to resist, repel, and defeat tyrannical governments, foreign or domestic. Period. And the most cursory examination of the history of the 20th century clearly shows what happens virtually every time a people allow themselves to be disarmed. The ability to shoot a burglar or kill a pheasant for the dinner table is an ancillary side benefit, but it is not the point of the Second Amendment.

The point is to resist tyranny. To preserve a free state. Got it? How hard can that be to understand, and why are so few of our leaders, media, and political pundits able to comprehend or verbalize that simple idea?

And how many of those people DO comprehend it, and that understanding is specifically WHY they want to severely limit or do away with the Second Amendment?

And then, along comes Ben Shapiro, one of few people I have actually heard speak the words. A masterful performance on his part…

After watching Ben Shapiro crush this idiotic limey moron Piers Morgan, I had a vision come to me… try to picture this in your mind…

The year is in the mid-1770’s in colonial America, in a city like Baltimore or New York or Philadelphia, which are not only vibrant and prospering cities humming with opportunity, small business, and commerce in this earlier day and age, but also centers of enlightened thinkers, nothing like the pits of decadence and squalor they are today. And in some tavern or in some salon or in some square, you chance to encounter this insufferable, effete douchenozzle of a Tory named Piers, deep in his cups, and spouting off about the glory of The King And Crown, and how The Colonies would be so much more civilised if they were just more like Mother England, and how all this liberty and independence nonsense you hear about is madness, and that all persons that disagree with his so obviously correct position should be hung.

Piers works for a well-known newsletter of diminished repute and modest but declining circulation, but it is common knowledge that this pretentious blowhard has been all but banned from gainful employment in Mother England, after multiple scandals and disgraces that even involved intercepting people’s most intimate and emotional of personal correspondence… His shameful behaviour and disgraceful business dealings in London have served to banish him to the wilds of New York to fend for himself. You have even heard that there was an actual petition circulated to send him back across the Atlantic, one that actually gained thousands of supporters, but the King did not seem to want him back, and Piers himself was not at all anxious to go.

But, as everyone knows, The King and Crown don’t respond to petitions anymore… you are used to that. The government never listens anymore.

And the incessant taxation is really straining your household. Yet The King demands more every year.

But just as you are about to take your leave, rather than listen to yet another of Piers’ noxious diatribes, you see a bright young man named Benjamin, whom you know to be an earnest and industrious man of education and intellect. And to your amazement, you watch young Benjamin step forward and dismantle Piers’ inane arguments with alacrity, tact, and aplomb. Piers thought he would bully and intimidate this young man half his age, but he found himself without retort, sputtering and stammering before the young Benjamin, whose arguments for freedom and liberty were unassailable. He made Piers look foolish and imbecilic, and Piers knew it.

And as young Benjamin makes his departure, the indignant Piers twitters and shouts at his back, “You are a stupid, stupid man, you know that, don’t you? You and all your like minded traitorous ilk think you can have freedom? Really? Don’t you know who and what you are? You are subjects of The Crown, obliged to submit and obey your King and government, and no little book or scrap of paper of yours will ever change that! You would be wise to learn who your betters are, young man!”

It is obvious to you that this pompous oaf understands nothing more than being a subject; he is all but a slave as it is. And as you too walk away from Piers’ humiliating extemporaneous drubbing by the young Benjamin and return to minding your own affairs, you hear Piers shout, “And don’t think I haven’t notified the proper authorities regarding that warehouse full of arms in Concord…! Bloody hell, what are we doing letting these people have weapons? These bucolic imbeciles are to have the most advanced arms in the world? Really?”

So… if that was you walking home that evening in colonial America, do you think that you would have spent that night casting 20 more lead balls and cutting up 20 more cloth patches for your rifle?

If you answered “yes”, you are on the right side in this gun debate.

A hearty “huzzah!” for Ben Shapiro for standing up to another liberal bully in defense of liberty and Constitutional principle, and not making apologies for the tools of America’s strength and security.

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  1. tic...tic...BOOM says:

    Shapiro makes excellent points, but he falls into the trap set by the progressives/liberals by referring to a semi-automatic rifle as an “assault weapon”. An assault weapon has either a 3 or 4 position switch that allows the operator to select Safe, Semi-Automatic, 3 Round Burst or Full Automatic. A semi-automatic rifle fires one round for each pull of the trigger. The cosmetic appearance of military looking rifles is what drives progressives/liberals crazy.
    The Founders wanted WE THE PEOPLE to be as well armed as an army, foreign or domestic.

  2. Oleaginous Outrager says:

    If the Founders were so damn clever, why didn’t they foresee the stupefaction of future America and leave out the subordinate clause that so profoundly confuses semi-literate liberals into believing that the right to bear arms only applies to militias?