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Posted: 27th October 2011 by Taxi Hack in Uncategorized
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In theatrical script writing, sketch stories, and poetry, a vignette is a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a trenchant impression about a character, an idea, or a setting, and sometimes an object. -Wikipedia

A couple nights ago, I picked up four guys at closing time at a tittie bar…   three guys taking their buddy out for his birthday. Birthday Boy is really wasted, but his boys are in pretty good shape. I ask where we are going, and Birthday Boy bellows, “Let’s go to Snooker’s Pool Hall…” but his friends shout him down. “No, dumbass, the bars are all closed! We have to go home! We are going to Bill’s place to smoke some bong hits…”

“Noooo…” Birthday Boy yells. “I wanna go shoot some pool at Snooker’s! What time is it…?”

I say, “Your friends are right, buddy, Snooker’s is closed, everything is closed. Tonight is over, other than the bong hits at Bill’s house…”

“Well, shit…” says Birthday Boy dejectedly…   “What do I know…? I’m bellignorant…”

And I said, “Dude, you just made my blog…”


So, the word of the day is:

Bellignorant: (adjective) The state of being simultaneously belligerent and ignorant, a condition usually caused by copious amounts of alcohol in conjunction with getting a handjob in the VIP room of a tittie bar too close to closing time…

See also bellignoramus.


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  1. 1432FPCHERO says:

    Bellignorant See also bellignoramus.

    Chapter 2 include 3-4 of your ignorant rides